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located in Timberland, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.


A simple little town on Earth in the year 2020. Although it has not been popular in the past, recently strange events have started to occur here.


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Character Portrait: Morrigan Wynngard
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A crimson knapsack hung from the wall, all packed and ready to go. However, the woman pacing in front of it was not. Thump, thump, thump. Her boots were hitting the floor beneath her hard. She could not delay any longer. Her orders were clear. She shooed the maids away and collected herself even moreso than usual. With her hair pulled back and her knapsack on her back, she left the confines of her home. There was no reason to say goodbye; everyone important enough to speak to knew where she was going to end up. She headed straight for the Gateway reserved for military use. Of course, it was only her being transported. Her dark eyes narrowed as the Gateway was opened. It was now or never.

When she stepped through, she was in a building. The emblem of the Empire was visible, so it was obvious that it was not completely abandoned. The sounds of movements from a room farther in reached her ears. In a few moments, a infantryman was in front of her, saluting in the most respectful way possible. "Princess Morrigan! It's an honour." Morrigan simply stared at the poor man in a cold manner and walked past him without a word. There were a few other soldiers scattered throughout the building (Morrigan had determined it was an older home), but she didn't bother with them in the slightest. She was to scope out the area in order to execute her orders, so that was what she was going to do. It was of the utmost importance that she get started. And what better way to start then to visit places with high traffic? There was a local high school and college. She was sure something would show up. Taking out a special sort of glasses, relatively plain in appearance, she placed them properly on her face. The glasses could reflect magic in a way a normal human can perceive. It would be an essential tool in this particular mission.

She started to head towards the college, as she would blend in better there as a "new student." She turned her emotions on and got ready for action.