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Snippet #2723104

located in Timberland, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.


A simple little town on Earth in the year 2020. Although it has not been popular in the past, recently strange events have started to occur here.


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Character Portrait: Yohan Belmont Character Portrait: Frederick Bell Character Portrait: Sakuya Lecarde Character Portrait: Saiph Grimms Character Portrait: Iron Kaiser
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As Mr. Kraus contemplated exactly how he was gonna worm his way out of his predicament, reaching for a clean towel, there was a blast, a rumble and suddenly the lockers clattered with a most startling racket, causing him to bump his head against the locker he was leaning against. He could feel even Puck was shocked by this. Saiph popped to her feet as the windows cracked behind her, her jolly expression broken in shock. It was like a bomb had gone off outside, a terrifying feeling goes through both Kraus and Saiph, who immediately head out the back exit of the gym, the former no longer concerned about the strange girl. Before them at the back of the school was a grizzly scene, blood staining the ground and the remains of what was once a table, fragments of glass scattered about from the sonic explosion that went off. It was then, their hearts truly sank when observing two collapsed bodies before them, bloodied, cut, and badly beaten. To Saiph's added horror, however, was that one of them was Yohan, the very reason she was even here!

Snatching the clean towel from the stunned Kraus's arm, she rushed over to Yohan, to first check if he was still breathing, then to wrap the towel up and gently place it under Yohan's head to try to at least offer him some level of comfort. It was a mess, he was an absolute mess. Bruised and bloody, he was in a far worse state than when he fought Ricky, added that was mostly superficial. A lump gets caught in the rabbit girl's throat as one of her first real friends lays in such an uncertain state, and with all her power, all she can do is try to make him comfortable until someone more capable can handle this.

"H-hey, hang in there, okay?" she murmurs, her voice cracking as she remains kneeling beside him, trying to find something else to do for him, yet afraid to move him, should he have internal injuries. She looked to Kraus who was checking Chase's pulse, already on the phone talking to some emergency service detailing out the situation and route to get here, soon after coming over and crouching down beside her to check Yohan as well. It looked like the most serious is that he may be suffering a concussion with the amount of head wounds he has received, the cut on his chest however, was not deep enough to be the most concerning. Then there were the bruises all over his body, bringing to light another concern.

"Damn, not again,, there might be internal injuries with the other... student's name is Yohan Belmont, yeah, it looks bad, many deep bruises have already formed, some may have been with a blunt weapon, possibly a brass knuckle," Kraus says, trying to maintain composure in the fallout of this violent scene. There was a moment where he looked at Saiph, who looked absolutely miserable as she looked over Yohan, practically holding by a thread on breaking down. She had already witnessed one horrific death already, unsettling her, now it was with someone she actually trusted. The boy had some strange, yet loyal friends it seemed. "Uh, back of Timberland High, there is debris everywhere, nobody else seems badly hurt. I don't know, may have been some kind of weapon on Chase, but I'm not seeing signs of it... uh-huh... they are already on their way? Good, they both are still be breathing at least. Thank you, and hurry."

With that he stands up and turns to the students. "Alright, alright, make room for the paramedics!" He cries out, waving his arms at them.

"You are taking this rather well, but I know you are screaming inside! Screaming at the world that has allowed this to become the norm," Puck finally says to Kraus. "This is the result of the world, this violent world that lead Ricky to his fate, this malice, and here I'm asking... how does this man remain sane, unbroken, knowing it all... feeling it around him? Funny how I don't know... I mean, I am you after all, and yet... I'm not you?"