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Snippet #2723146

located in Timberland, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.


A simple little town on Earth in the year 2020. Although it has not been popular in the past, recently strange events have started to occur here.


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Character Portrait: Yohan Belmont Character Portrait: Frederick Bell Character Portrait: Sakuya Lecarde Character Portrait: Saiph Grimms Character Portrait: Iron Kaiser
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The school gym, where sports are held and where much sweat is spilled. And who is going to clean up all those sweaty benches which would stink like heck? Well why of course the schools brand new janitor! Frederick himself was on the scene! With rag in hand and bucket of water with cleaning solution.

As Frederick was hard at work cleaning the benches at top speeds, what stopped his progress was a loud boom causing the windows in the gym to suddenly explode into many pieces. He immediately hit the deck with a panicked shout of surprise. As soon as the coast was assumed clear after half a minute Frederick slowly got back up looking around. Now he was no expert, but windows do not suddenly explode like that, what if there was a battle between the people with the powers of white and black?

He was in danger! Where the heck is Gilgamesh!? If there was a fight he needed some help right! But wait?...This was a school right?...So that meant the people fighting are! He was not for killing kids. However it seemed that Brisé has...other thoughts compared to his.

He heard a familiar jingle of a bell as suddenly the so called Shepard in her usual white dress appeared. Mask still broken, half of her face still wrapped. And the wings on her back. Her single purple eye looks at him, and what Frederick could tell he could tell from the gleam in her eye that she was...happy?

"Oh my precious lamb! What Naïve thoughts, you refuse to fight? Let alone kids with the power to turn the world into darkness?...Oh my...this wont do at all..." Brisé chuckled as she thwacked Frederick on the head with her little staff which rang causing him to hold his head in pain.

"Now, Now...Let me start with something first my dear lamb...Those with the power of the Black want power...they want to destroy our world...Do you wanna something? You may not want to kill but those kids will gladly kill you without a second gut you and leave you for death...Look at Ricky dear lamb...He killed his own friends and in his final moments he could not understand why he was alone...A sad fate, to never understand that you yourself was the cause of it all...Such are the way of kids, to act first before thinking...But he has died right now so we need not shed any tears. He wanted to kill you all and instead died like a spoiled child..." Her eye soon had a hint of malice in them now. However her voice was still calm.

"To hesitate is death lamb...To hold back, pain...To continue your blind naiveté those around you will die...Its time to wake up lamb...No more grazing idly in the fields of poison...Its time to move onto greener fields...for your sake...I am your Shepherd, I know what is best for you so listen..." She spoke suddenly getting closer to him until they were mere inches from their faces.

Frederick had a chill run up his spine as all the hairs on his body stood up. "Woah...You went into scare mode..." He managed to speak as he looked at her. "But I see you are just looking out for me...No need to worry, I'll take some of your advice no worries!" He spoke with a smile before Brisé backed off and nodded to herself. "Good choice Lamb..." She spoke until she vanished.

Frederick breathed a sigh of relief as he looked around. Well...That was something but for now he had shards of glass to sweep up. If there was danger Gilgamesh would surely come to his aid in a heartbeat! Putting down the bucket and rag he soon grabbed a trusty brrom and went to sweep the glass.