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Snippet #2723155

located in Timberland, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.


A simple little town on Earth in the year 2020. Although it has not been popular in the past, recently strange events have started to occur here.


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Character Portrait: Sebastian Winters Character Portrait: Takeo Belmont Character Portrait: Morrigan Wynngard
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Sebastian started on making everyone else's breakfast, Grilled bacon and poached eggs on toast, he’d hear his sister going about her morning rituals, which was to say, shower etc. Sebastian walked around setting a pot of tea on the coffee/ tea table and poured Takeo a cup.

“Keo, wake up, breakfast and tea” he didn’t want to disturb Takeo too much, unless time began to run out.

With breakfast made and an hour or so before they needed to be at the college, Sebastian sat back on one of the two chairs in the lounge drinking his cup of tea and reading a book. Though time flies and he’d glance to his sister, who had been trying to wake up Takeo, since he seemed so intent on sleeping in.

“do me a favor and give him a ride, he still doesn’t have a licence.” Rebcca gave Seb a nod but went back to trying to wake Takeo. "Wake up Keo." Sebastian closed his book put his bookmark in the pages and set the book on his bed before leaving. His sword was left in his bedroom, no weapons on campus.

Stopping in the garage, he felt something tight wrap around his neck, he turned quickly throwing out a swing at about his own head height, spooked, he glanced around, there was no more a tightening noose around his neck, if that’s what it was. He got into his full bike suit and helmeted up before walking the bike out and riding out for college.

Upon arrival at the college carpark, he’d chain up the bike and lock it up, before heading inside, he needed to talk to the receptionists, around him other college students older and new wandered about sticking to their groups of trust, doing their own things.

He was quiet uncharacteristically so, the past few days events shuck up his very knowledge of the world, sure he was educated in the dragonborn that he was one. Though, he was sure he caught a glimpse of someone he recognised on his way into the building, in the carpark.