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located in Universe, a part of Starlike Friendships, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Osawa, Hikari Character Portrait: Kazuo Nakajima
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โŒˆ I know that it was just a simple, childish wish. But, more than anything, I know that my heart has always wanted it to come true. โŒ‹
ใ€ Namae wo Yobu Yo : Luck Life ใ€‘

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After finishing with the porridge and the miso soup, he wrapped both of them up by food wrappers and placed them in the refrigerator. It was a good thing that I did learn a couple of things from that sleazy dad of mine, rather than just having to watch him bringing strange people back home everyday. Kazuo sheepishly thought. He glanced towards Hikari's room, where his roommate is hopefully still resting, after all the rushes that had happened earlier this day. It's hard to believe that what was supposed to be a perfect day hanging out with each other would be ruined just like that. And Hikari has had to gone through it almost on a daily basis with no one by his side to defend him. This could only made Kazuo become more admire as of how resilient he is, despite his fragile appearance.

Suddenly, the earlier kiss he received just showed up on his mind again, and his face unconsciously reddened by the mere thought. Kazuo absolutely could not understand as of why Hikari just did that out of nowhere. It couldn't possibly be what he thought it was meant to be. Absolutely not. Perhaps it was merely a mean of showing gratitude, and that is what Kazuo tried to convince himself to believe for the moment, while looking for things to do in order to keep his mind off it. But he couldn't deny that he felt incredibly frustrating, at all that had happened.

Hours passed by and Hikari was seemingly still resting, so when it was time to head out for his job, Kazuo left a note and stuck it on the refrigerator to tell his roommate to heat up and just away without him. He was trying to focus when he was at work, kicking out a few molesters, yet it was quite obvious to Takumi that something had happened during the short amount of time that passed after the incidents that happened.

"Ka~zu~chan~" Takumi draped himself over his best friend as they have merely just finished their shift and was about to head back to the apartment, "Someone's been a little bit unfocused today, huh?"

"What does that possibly mean? I'm perfectly fine." Kazuo sighed as he pushed Takumi away, sometimes he can be a bit too perceptive that it was a bit annoying.

"Tsk tsk. You know you have never been a good liar. Everything's already written on your face that something did happen, eh?" Takumi sneered, "Does it have anything to do with Osawa-kun?"

"O-Of course it's not. You've been reading too much of those mangas, that's what it is." Kazuo tried to object, telling Takumi not to ask any other questions, "Let's just go back already. Today is already eventful enough."

"Hehe, Kazu-chan, sometimes you can be a real dork, but that's simply what made you a lot cuter." Takumi joked as they made their ways back.

Inserting his spare key into the lock, he pushed the door open, and the first thing he saw was unbelievable. Hikari was sitting at the table and drinking from a bottle of a rather expensive brand of wine. "Erm... hey there, Hikari-san. I'm home..." Seeing his roommate a lot more enthusiastic than usual was a not a common sight for him to behold. And gazing at Hikari - half-lidded eyes, reddened face, snoopy voice, there's no doubt that he was already tipsy. Hikari never told him that he was a good drinker either.

Before he could do or speak anything else though, Hikari suddenly stood up and walked up to him, stood on his toes to reach Kazuo's height, and pulled him into a kiss, again. His eyes widened in total surprise as his face turned even redder than a tomato. But he quickly shook any indecent thoughts in his head and Hikari to stood by his arm. Picking the bottle, Kazuo read the information written on the brand and saw that the alcoholic percentage is not low. "Geez, why would your sister sent you stuffs like this if she's known you're not too good with alcohols?" Kazuo said as he tried to take Hikari back to his room, "You should lay down, I'll make something to chill you out, otherwise you'll get a bad hangover-"

Suddenly, Kazuo stumbled as both of them fell. Kazuo managed to barely kept himself from landing with his face with his arms, "Sorry for that, you okay, Hika-" When he's snapped back, his face became even redder as he realized the awkward position they were in. Hikari was lying beneath him, and his two hands were resting just by the sides of his face, making the distance between them dangerously close.

"Hey guys, why did you two leave the door opened like that? Miki made a bit too much salad so would you-" And to make things even more embarrassing, Takumi just charged in from nowhere with a bowl of salad in his hand, and the blonde guy was literally petrified when he saw what was happening. "S-Sorry, didn't know you guys were busy." He laughed in a rather unconvincing manner while scratching the back of his head and winked at Kazuo, "I didn't know you were such a sleaky boy, Kazu-chan. Just... continue, okay? I'll pretend I've never saw what happened." He said and quickly retreated.

"Wait! It's not like..." Before Kazuo could finish his sentence though, Takumi had already been long gone. He let out a helpless sigh as he draped himself all over the floor next to Hikari. "And I thought things couldn't get any weirder today..."