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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2723205

located in Tokyo, Japan, a part of Halcyon, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tokyo, Japan



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Kotonoha Risako
▌18 ▌Female ▌Magic Knight #2 ▌#e49e4f ▌#bdc3ad

Risako paced, slightly impatient. You would think that someone, especially a head of one of the most powerful and influential families of the magical world, would have something to do in their own home.

Yes, a lot has happened since the Isharian Wizards and the Vermillion Mages had arrived at the Kotonoha estate. Kallen was out cold. A demon, of all things, had infiltrated Kotonoha grounds. And of course, there was that rune, among other things.

The others were busy, though. Lukas was presumably researching that rune, or doing whatever Wizards did in their free time (Risako assumed that he spent a lot of time on charms and whatnot). Ambre was looking after Kallen - she was loyal, Risako would admit, but going too far with one's steadfastness isn't a good thing (and no, Risako did not feel guilty about the incident when the two met). Rosa was missing - of all the things that could happen. Even if there were any leads, Risako was admittedly unskilled in the areas required to find Rosa. Of course, another Isharian representative would arrive soon, so that issue would be partly resolved.

At last but certainly not least, Risako's dear brother, Takiya, was looking after Yukito and doing whatever a proactive Magic Knight would do.

It was not that Risako was lazy when it came to her duties. But there wasn't much they could do besides do whatever they could to upgrade their security. Risako didn't have the necessary skill set to help with that; Ambre and Lukas were more creative when it came to matters like this. Risako had always focused strictly on battle and military magic and intelligence, and maybe she was starting to regret that. Just the tiniest bit.

Finally, that nerdy redhead Mage sent Risako a message responding to her previous question.

From Glassabi:
Gt important info and stuff i need to give 2. The living rm s gd. Meet in 10 min y/n?

Of course, it took a few moments for Risako to decipher Lukas' message (yes, it was basically texting, but where did this guy learn his English grammar?). After she figured out what it all meant, the amber-eyed Magic Knight responded with perhaps the simplest text she was capable of.

To Glassabi:

Risako, perfectly satisfied with her message, set off for her destination. A few Magic Knights bowed slightly in a respectful manner as she passed by, albeit a bit stiffly. While very few people were close enough to Risako to hate her, it was even rarer for someone to sincerely like her. Risako was no doubt highly respected, but that was mainly due to her bloodline and skill.

To put it bluntly, Risako's personality wasn't "cute." While many respected her skill, few respected her as a person. Risako wasn't as chivalrous as Takiya (Risako wasn't quite sure if her brother was truly chivalrous, but everybody seemed to think so), and she had no charm (at least, in her eyes). Risako being Risako, the Magic Knight had simply brushed this fact off over the years, but sometimes, she wondered if she desired someone who would befriend her out of their own free will - for herself, not her standing.

Is this why I proposed to help Redhead? Risako asked herself. Because he's seemingly gullible enough to manipulate him into being some empty shell of a friend? Risako shook her head slightly. Shut up, Risako, you sound like a creepy, lonely, and psychopathic villain from those really crappy American horror movies. The world would fucking blow up before I could even think of having an existential crisis.

Risako entered the living room, catching sight of Lukas immediately. "Oi," she greeted, her manner neither friendly nor hostile. "You could've just messaged me your response, but if you prefer the sincere, in your face business, I guess I won't stop you."