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Snippet #2723369

located in Timberland, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.


A simple little town on Earth in the year 2020. Although it has not been popular in the past, recently strange events have started to occur here.


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Character Portrait: Yohan Belmont Character Portrait: Sakuya Lecarde Character Portrait: Takeo Belmont
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To Make You Happy


Class started off fine for Sakuya. The teacher introduced herself, some students were working on some early projects, life was good. About 10 minutes in, however, a terrifying sound reached them and the music of shattering glass was the only thing Sakuya heard. Thankfully, she was towards the front of the room and away from the windows. Some of her classmates weren't so lucky, but no one was dying. They all stood up, looking around. Sakuya, however, felt something familiar. Magic...specifically Yohan's magic. Something had happened. While everyone was distracted, the girl slipped out unnoticed and followed her instincts. It lead her towards the back of the school. A group of people was already starting to form. She approached with caution, just in case, but soon saw Kraus, Yohan, a boy known as Chase, Saiph, and other faces she recognized. Kraus was trying to wave people away, but Sakuya only got closer. She had to know.

Yohan was still breathing, thankfully, but looked like he was in horrid pain. Sakuya let out a gasp and covered her mouth, but her shock was mostly contained. She stared for a minute before snapping out of it and coming up next to Yohan. "Yohan?" She whispered, knowing he couldn't really hear her. Without much thought, her Dominion started to radiate around her. Normal humans would feel much calmer and warm at most, but those with magic would be able to see a bright light over their wounds. This was effecting both Yohan and Chase. "Hang in there, Yohan. I got you..."

It would be some hours before Yohan would wake back up. His body shook as he opened his eyes. It must of been first lunch period, he felt hungry. But his body suddenly jolted up and he felt someone's hands lightly pushing him back, looking over to find Sakuya sitting next to him. That's when he looked over at a nurse nearby. "Thank goodness you are alright. We had some people coming in to check on you. School is still going on, thankfully, but you have been given the day off. Along with this girl here. She more or less volunteered to stay by your side, she said she was the closet person you had at the school." Yohan looked over to see Sakuya's hands glowing. She must of been using her Dominion all day on him. He could feel his body not being in as much pain, though it was still there. "I'll be going now to inform the doctor. You might get some visits later today." The nurse left the two alone, and that's when Yohan knew it was time.

"Sakuya... I'm sorry." Yohan spoke up. "I'm... Such a screw up. I stood up against Chase and got everyone worried. Most of all, I got you worried. I... I don't really have anyone else. I keep pushing it all on you, don't I? I'm starting to have more friends now, some of my family has turned back up, but you are... The only one who seems to be the closet to me. And I... I feel like you might of picked the wrong guy to be best friends with." Tears started to swell up in Yohan's eyes as he avoided looking her directly in the eyes. "I... I feel like I can't be honest with you right now. I don't know if you have been feeling the same way, I just..." Yohan raised his arm up to wipe away some tears. "I'm sorry... I feel like I don't deserve anything or anyone. All I do is just cause trouble for everyone. I don't deserve to be happy."

Sakuya was just happy to see Yohan awake and well. She listened to him intently and blushed. "Oh, h-hush! You deserve it just fine. Besides, I'm not the only one here to support you...I'm just the only one in the room right now." She petted Yohan's head a little, trying to calm him down. "You have people who love you and just want you to be happy. Don't let that Chase get you down. Although...did you feel something weird from him?" Sakuya lowered her voice as she said this. Her magic senses never quite turned off. She kept a hold of one of Yohan's hands, rubbing a little circle over and over. "I dunno...I just have a strange feeling...."

"I did." Yohan mentioned. "He had something." Yohan sighed out as he held her hand in his, looking over at her. "... I don't know what's gone down in the past between others. Or what my family has gone through. But I..." He swallows as he looks at her. "... I really want you to..." He hesitated, taking in a deep breath as he closes his eyes. "I'm sorry... I shouldn't say it. I'm..." Yohan stopped again, looking over at her. "... I really want to be happy. And, lately... I've been happy the most around you. Ya know?" Yohan said with a stupid smile as tears began to run down his face. ".... I want to be happy... Together."

"To-together?" Sakuya repeated. It took a moment for it to click in her head. "I would love that!" She exclaimed and hugged Yohan a bit too tightly probably. "Sorry! Sorry...I thought you would never really feel that way about me." She had a huge blush on her face (really, it was like that anime stuff all the kids are uppity about these days) as she held his hand tighter. It really did move along quickly, didn't it? Only two days ago did they really start talking, but maybe their attraction was more than a crush. It seemed like fate was working its wonders quickly. "Are you sure about this?"

"Well, at long as you don't have seven evil ex boyfriends I have to fight. I mean, I'm not ready to take up the mantle of Pilgrim." Yohan locked his fingers with hers as he couldn't help but blush and smile. "Yeah, I'm more than certain. I don't want anyone else but you. I thought you would feel like you were cursed to being stuck around me so much, like most seem to act. But if you are happy to hook up with a guy like me, well... Thank you." He said, grabbing her shoulder with his free hand to pull her in and, well, close his eyes and lock lips! If this was Scott Pilgrim, he might have just gotten the Power of Love power-up!

Sakuya kissed him back, her heart threatening to bust out of her chest. The kiss was...well, way better than the first one they had the other day. This time there was no fear, no forced feelings, just the two of them entwined into one another for this moment. She broke off the kiss, smiling at him. "You probably need your rest...I can just tell your brother that you're really tired and send him back home...he seems really worried about you though." Sakuya kissed him again lightly and put a hand lightly on his cheek. She was starting to feel drained. Her magic reserves were running low and she was starving. "Yohan...let's take it easy today, okay?"

Yohan returned the light kiss as he smiled right back at her. He couldn't help but stare right into her eyes as he rested his forehead against hers, holding her gently against him as he couldn't help but keep her close. "We can go to my house once we're out of here, go on a first date. I'll cook something up for us to eat. Just tell me whatever you want." He couldn't help but get another quick kiss off of her as he thought about what she suggested. "If he comes here, I... I'll appreciate that. I forgot about him for ten years, he must feel so bad to know that. I want to make it up to him. Besides, I... I want to introduce him to the cutest girl I know." He decided to throw out a flirt, blushing a little as he let off a little chuckle.

"I'll go get him then." Sakuya said, still blushing as she slowly got up. She stepped out of the room quietly and walked down the hallway to a semi-private waiting room. Takeo had basically paced a path into the tile. Sakuya lightly tapped him on the shoulder. "Yohan said he wanted to see you." The two silently went back to Yohan's room, Takeo entering cautiously. Yohan didn't look as bad as he had imagined.

"Hey, bud, how ya doing?" Takeo asked him quietly. Sakuya took her seat back and Takeo stood on the other side of Yohan. "I heard something about a bomb? You look...considerably less charred than expected. Sakuya has been taking good care of you...good, good...." Relief was visible on Takeo's face. He dared not touch Yohan without his permission, but it was obvious that Takeo deeply cared for the younger brother who had been separated from him for a decade. Sakuya was glad that Yohan finally had a family...and gave her hope that hers would be reunited as well.

Yohan smiled as he saw Sakuya and Takeo walk back in. "I'm good, thought I was going to have a Chase scar on my chest for the rest of my life. That would of been freaky. Luckily, it looks like I'm not going to have anything left over from that jerk beating me up for ten years." Yohan took Sakuya's hand into his own once she had sat down. "Uh, Takeo. This is Sakuya Lecarde. She's, uh... My g-girlfriend." He said with a slight blush, but soon brought that smile back on. "Sakuya, this is Takeo Belmont. He's my older brother, You met him earlier at the gather up yesterday. I uh, think it's a good idea to ease mom into the whole, hooking up thing and all that." Yohan sighed out as he leaned back and rested. "Bomb? There was no bomb. Chase had a knife, he had The Black, but like... There was no bo--" He stopped as his eyes widened. ".... Oh no." His grip on Sakuya's hand tightened slightly. "I.... I used my power, didn't I? I couldn't control it, it -- it went out like a blast and.... Shoot! He has some things coming, but now he's gonna end up in jail because of me. And without magic, no one will believe me because magic can't be backed up with simple evidence! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to cause a scene, honest!"

Takeo and Sakuya both patted Yohan, trying to reassure him. "It happens, little brother. It seems he had it coming. But the rumor is that he did, in fact, have a bomb. But if he had the Black..." Takeo and Sakuya exchanged a glance. "Things just got a lot more complicated. Timberland is making quite the stir and I'm positive that it's going to garner attention from all sorts of magic types." Sighing and rubbing his head, Takeo sat down. "I'm not quite sure what the best course of action is. your back." Takeo then turned his attention to Sakuya, taking her in fully. "Erm...Mom is going to be...less than happy about this. If she doesn't know already, she will find out. She doesn't have the best history with the Lecarde family." He saw Sakuya's face fall and the knowing look in her eye. "I have no problem with who you like or whatever. Good for you guys." Takeo gave a thumbs up. However, another person gaining magic suddenly was not good. "I assume they probably won't let you out today. Do you want anything from the house? Here's my number in case you need me. Sebastian makes sure I don't leave without it, the knucklehead." Takeo chuckled to himself.

"You know...where is Mom? I thought she would be in here already."

Yohan ran his free hand through his hair as he thought about it as well. "Probably still out. After you left, she used that strange device in the basement to go somewhere. I presume she hasn't returned yet if you don't know where she is. Doesn't matter. Let's focus on the issue at hand. I thought how strange it was, when Ricky, this little petty criminal, suddenly comes out of nowhere with The Black. Then suddenly people like Chase start having it? I think there was more to Ricky's plan than just targeting us last night. It almost felt like too much of a taunt, baiting us in to distract us from the overall bigger picture. I think that somehow, Ricky must of gotten some friends of his to help spread The Black throughout the town while we were all busy with him. We were all exhausted after it was over and then he suddenly pops up a martyr on the news. I remember dad used to tell us stories about warriors clashing in the past." Yohan pulled Sakuya's hand up to his chest for comfort, while keeping his hand in hers as he did this. "... I think we're about to see another clash like the legends."