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AJ ran as hard as he could.

Pumping his legs up and down as fast as his athletic body would let him. Looking back every second when he wasn't focused on running forward. Rain streaming down and drenching his combat gear, weighing him down heavily. Jungle branches and greenery making AJ's sprint ineffective. His conditioned lungs were burning in a way that he hasn't felt since he first joined the Marine Corp in boot camp. He lost his primary rifle some time after the shadows started moving and picking off members of the first stake team. It was as if he was dreaming but the blood-curdling screams and the blood that was splashed on his face was definitely real. The security portion of the first stake team started to unload into the forest. Bullets striking tree wood, throwing splinters and wood matter into the air. But there was no indication they were hitting anything. The archaeologist that was in front of AJ suddenly was lifted up from the ground and rocketed up towards the jungle canopy with a helpless cry.

AJ unleashed volleys of bullets up at the higher branches with his M4A1, stopping only to reload. He didnt see what he was aiming at but he didnt care. He was going to hit something at some point. Suddenly, like a meteor something fell to the earth with a fleshy thud. AJ aimed down at it, in horror he recognized the fleshly lump. Only slightly. It was the archaeologist that was just taken up, slashed and torn with his jaw missing. It was as if the man was looking at AJ, begging for help. All of his years in the Marines never prepped AJ for this. He turned and bolted towards base camp. The remaining parts of his team could be heard putting up a fight. Machine gun fire, explosions and horrible screams filled the air. But the farther AJ got, the more the sounds began to die out. It was less of AJ making distance and more that the team was dying.

AJ was a survivor, he knew when to cut and run so he bolted. He knew base camp was just up ahead. He just needed to keep moving. He could get into one of the pre-fabs and barricade it. AJ just needed to haul for another 100 meters. He could see the treeline. Maybe the nightmare will finally be over. A small sense of relief came to him as he ran. 50 meters. AJ reached for his radio,"Someone... please..." As he was within 5 meters of clearing the jungle to the open space of base camp he jumped over a vine. But this vine moved.

AJ cleared the trees, a massive sense of relief flowed through him. He yelled into his radio between breathes," Pioneer Squad! Did anyone make it out?! ANYONE?!" Falling to his knees, realizing he might be the only one alive and the physical excursion taking everything out of him. A loud snapping sound could be heard as it echoed around the small clearing. Instincts took over and AJ pulled his M9 from his thigh holster and aimed at everything that seemed to move within the treeline. Then he heard a voice behind him,"Hey there..."

AJ turned as fast as he could and within the blink of an eye a vine pulled him into the treeline as the shadows consumed him. Leaving behind an eerie silence that was a stark contrast as to what was heard just a few minutes before.