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Snippet #2724009

located in Timberland, a part of Black and White, one of the many universes on RPG.


A simple little town on Earth in the year 2020. Although it has not been popular in the past, recently strange events have started to occur here.


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Character Portrait: Frederick Bell Character Portrait: Saiph Grimms Character Portrait: Iron Kaiser
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Hanging her head, Saiph was still kneeling amidst the debris. Yohan had been taken to the hospital a while ago, but she had broken down herself. She had considered today would be fun at least, but all it was was lead to more misery. This world was only proving time and again to be a cold, cruel, and unforgiving place, threatening to take away anything that mattered. It made her think of things she didn't want to think of, of the high probability that she'd watch as everyone else around her dies, that she'll instead be doomed to remain the same, doomed to be alone.

"My, my, what a burdened mind," the familiar warped voice come to Saiph, as the familiar form of Maddy appears to her, sitting down behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Oh Maddy, perhaps... dad was right," she mutters, as people, unable to see them pass by. "I shouldn't have gotten involved... but... if I didn't, they'd have died... but... but they are gonna die anyways... I... just... I-I don't know what to do."

"Not knowing what to do is part of learning what to do, like you must be lost in order to be found," Maddy responds, softly stroking her head. She doesn't however respond as usual, continuing to hang her head. "And right now my dear, you are quite lost..."

Lifting up her goggles slightly, she reaches up and wipes her eyes, catching something reflecting back on a shard of glass with one of her yellow eyes. It was Frederick, who was also on the scene, cleaning up the broken glass and debris. With a brief moment, she sighs and glances back before standing up and pointing at the debris that was once Chase's knife and brass knuckle. "Careful with the metal bits, they are evidence, y'know, don't wanna put your fingerprints on them," she warns, trying her best to joke, her tone however void of the more chipper one of before. She looks down for a moment and kicks her feet, then places her hands in her pocket. "Oh yeah... I almost forgot about our deal, um..."

She digs around in her pocket then pulls out a paper which she hands it to Frederick. It was the terms of the contract in detail, including the confirmation he made to follow through. The terms were, quite simply, for him to make a sequel to "Planetary Wars- War for Planet Hopitus." Apparently it had appealed to her, and she was a fan of it.

"Sorry for leaving you hanging, I... just wish it could have been under... happier circumstances I delivered this," she says, running her fingers through her hair. "I'm a fan, though."

Kraus had made his way to the principal's office, feeling it appropriate to report on the circumstances of the recent fight on school grounds. By the furrowing of his brow, it was obvious he felt like he should have done a lot more, even if he couldn't have possibly predicted today was the day. For the many years Chase had been a problem there, particularly to Yohan, he had only been there for two of them, and he was barely present even then. It felt to him like he had failed as a peer. Added to that, he started to understand the dangers presented by magic, that it could turn out a doped up thug into a real monster... if Puck's assessment was to be believed.

"Relax, the kid will be fine," Puck says, rather nonchalantly as usual, as he suddenly is floating beside him, lounging back with his arms behind his head and legs crossed. Kraus almost jumps, until remembering he's the only one that can see him. "Well, bruised and beaten, but he'll recover, besides, that girl is a healer... bout all she's good for I imagine!" He begins to laugh. Kraus lifts a brow, a quizzical look upon his face.

"How... do you know this? Because I didn't see anything that would have clued me in on that," Kraus whispers, covering his mouth so others don't see him muttering to himself like a nutter.

"Oh yeah, didn't I tell you?" Puck says, sitting up and slapping his hands down on his knees, giving Kraus a wide grin. "My Dominion! Well, part of it... Eye of the Beholder, what I see I see for what it is! What I see... is how it will be."

"That is... weird... but... so you see the reality of things around you?" He begins to say, but his eyes widen, then he furrows his brow and glances over at Puck. "Wait, what did you mean with that last bit?"

"That would be telling! Said too much already, better if you are surprised!" Puck exclaims, clapping his hands together twice, a whimsical grin across his face. "In fact, it probably is better I don't tell you yours either. Just keep doing what you've been doin' brother!"

Kraus held up a finger, getting ready to press Puck further but the joker had already poofed back into whatever recesses of his psyche he crawled out from. It was strange to Rupert, on how polar opposites they were to each other. Never in his life did he remember being maniacal or cynical... or whatever it was Puck was. Shaking that from his head, he now stood at the door of the principal's office... well, time to give the news. With a deep breath and a small sigh, he knocks on the door first to announce his arrival before opening the door with his head down.

"Just thought I'd follow up, Yohan Belmont has been taken into the hospital, and well... as it turns out, Chase was also found with a considerable amount of narcotics on his person," he then begins to scratch his head nervously, grumbling a bit to himself. "Actually, to be perfectly honest, that Chase was allowed to go on like this for this long, someone who has a notorious reputation, it was kinda... no, it was irresponsible, and I believe the boy has done us a major favor today and shouldn't be held accountable. I mean, high chances anyways that he was simply defending himself. Er, that is simply my opinion though." With that he sighs, and begins to lift his head. "But, I'm just glad to say that this wasn't as bad as-" he begins, before something catches him off guard.