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Snippet #2724800

located in Tijuana, California, a part of Left Hand of God, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tijuana, California

Welcome to La Basilica, so far out in the Tijuana desert that nobody might hear you. Ever.


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Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Magdelene circled around the herd - examining the prey. So many lost souls searching, yearning for direction. She could give them what they needed; love, discipline, salvation. Luca ran the show, that much Magdalene accepted, but in the long run these sheep were just that to him - sheep. She wanted to herd them into their way of life, Luca wanted to charge them into battle. She knew where she stood, outside that red door she knew to stay within her bounds. The plain smock let her blend into her surroundings, she was but only a humble servant, a wife to the church.

Familiar faces putting on a front, masked monsters. Magdalene wasn’t sure if what she felt was dread or excitement. Long painted nails twirled ornate rings, busy hands meant a busy mind. The maternal force within grew with every beat, of new additions to her family to the ones she already watched over. Where other people saw a whore, Magdalene saw potential. She knew what it meant like to be degraded, to be reduced to nothing more than a real life sex doll. Her congregation never were forced into anything. They joined - willingly. They set their boundaries and express their goals. Magdalene gave them a new life, a bed and a place to call home - although Luca would say he was the one who had made it all happen, the reason why any of them were here.

She watched him from across the church, he had a commanding presence. Women and men alike fell at his feet, reciting empty prayers under bated breath. Who wouldn’t feel like a God when people literally fell to their knees at your feet. Magdalene had other ways of getting people to their knees. She knew what happened when a man offered salvation, things were never quite as they seemed. You could spot them from a mile away, wandering eyes meant a wandering spirit. They looked a lot like herself before she learned the price of salvation.

Her shackles had never been broken over the years, her physical form always belonged to one man or another. Something she had learned from the church was freedom was a state of mind regardless of who you reported to at the end of the day. Her hands twisted around her wrists, bound in dark bandages. She had learned to hide the scars to avoid the questions but they always served as a reminder to not believe handsome men with big promises.

oh, Niccolo……didn’t your mother teach you to play nice? He never did, she remembered spending days on end locked away like a damsel in distress, more of a hostage than a wife. Once upon a time she was but a girl in the streets of Catalonia, pulling the legs from roaches to watch them squirm. She had barely began to bloom when he found her. It began with presents, he’d tell her next time he’d be in town and get her her own room in a posh hotel, buy her new clothes and take her for dinner. He offered to give her family a new life, give her a new life, if she went away with him. He could smell her desperation for escape.

She was still a girl when he married her, locking her away like a secret he’d only share with his most deviant of friends - and they never just popped by for a visit. She was their shared fetish and their dark secret. Worst part is how much she loved him, she couldn’t see past him. Pleasing him was all she ever wanted in life so much so she had been able to delude herself that this was the life she wanted - to be nothing more than his play thing. Salvation never was quite what it would seem to be from a distance.

Now Magdalene was the wolf, sniffing out desperation, hoping to snatch them before those higher in the food chain did if only to give them a type of love only a mother could give. She could spot the lost ones from a mile away, floating amidst the devout folks who came to pay patronage to the church. For now all she had to do was observe, after all her duty was only to serve.