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located in Castle Vankoryth Upper Level, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Castle Vankoryth Upper Level

Rooms are nestled amidst the never-ending corridors and hallways. Akio's Lab, Residential Chambers, and the Library are on this floor.


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Character Portrait: Akio Revela Character Portrait: Venlak
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Venlak jumped so far his head hit the ceiling. "Oh hey." Ven spun around as he hit the ground. ~Kid? Signs? Child's room?~ Ven stuttered severely. "I- O- I- W- I mean that. I didn't know this was a kids room. Um. Your room?" He found it hard to believe a kid would take interest in such old things. Or any of the things he saw. "I- I can leave." Ven pointed to the door behind Akio. "I mean, I didn't know this room was occupied. Kinda?" He took a tiny step forward, then a tiny step back.

"W-well. I could..." Ven didn't know what to say to the... Kid? He cleared his throat. "We could act like this never happened? Punishment sounds a bit harsh, doesn't it? Maybe a reward for leaving and never returning?" Ven laughed awkwardly as he then looked at the security measures taken. "I was debating whether I would open the big door but I see that I've decided no."

He was trying so hard not to bust out laughing in such a weird situation. The Kid looked like he was gonna kill him but it looked so funny. ~Maybe he's in a forgiving mood? Probably not.~

"I mean, it'd be a shame if I took up your time for the upcoming ball wouldn't it?" Ven soon smiled awkwardly. "You're a smart boy... Man. Guy. Dude. Person. By what you've collected. I myself have quite a large collection of things of old. Maybe we could switch out sometime?"

Venlak ran his hand through his hair, wondering what he got himself into. He couldn't bring himself to ignore temptations to enter a room. But it also seemed that his adventuring days would be over. Why must they end so quickly? Well, not too quickly. He forgot how many places he'd been to so maybe this would be a good end? What could possibly go wrong? Death? It then crossed Ven's mind that this kid might be a sadist. "But we can talk this out. Maybe come to an agreement?" His words were all over the place.