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Snippet #2728476

located in Human and monster world, a part of Lukas torture, one of the many universes on RPG.

Human and monster world



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I swear if I hear "oh my god he's so hot" I will flip my shit. It's so
annoying. These girls don't understand the meaning of pain.
Nobody here does in this shitty school.

*bumps into a boy*
???> oh my lord Lucifer I'm so sorry. I-I didn't mean
to bump into you. I really didn't. S-sorry

Who is this kid. I know everyone's name here but not him.
Why am I just staring at him.

"It's alright. What's your name fresh meat?"
???> it's- did you just call me fresh meat? What are
you, some kind of asshole?
"Actually, yeah I am. Nothing to me but asshole. Now
tell me your name fresh meat."
???> it's Griffin. Griffin Lupus. But you can call me loose cannon
or gun.
"I like fresh meat better."
???> I gotta get to class. See you during lunch?
"Nope. You won't. I make no friends, fresh meat, so don't try"
Griffin> yup I can definitely see the asshole *walks down
the hall and waves. Tripping on his shoelace and almost
falling. Tiff helps him up.

Good luck with her. With those looks and clumsiness he'll
get that girl in no time. Oh well. Time to get to English class.