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located in Seattle, Washington, a part of Wolves Reign: Blood Moon, one of the many universes on RPG.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is not it's vibrant Capitol Hill or Space Needle attraction; it's dark, uninviting, and cold in more ways than one... Crime and danger lurk around every corner in this werewolf populated metropolis.


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Mateo sat breathless in the passenger seat for a moment. "Oh, uh... the name’s Mateo." He replied with a shaky laugh as well. "Holy shit man... That was AWESOME!" Jackson's chest swelled with pride as Mateo ran his hands through his unruly hair, and looked around the interior of the patrol vehicle. "Heh, this is the first time I’ve ever been in the front of one of these..." Jackson nodded in kind, he was far more acquainted with the back seat as well.

He picked up a coffee mug in the cup holder between the seats, still warm and half full. It had the Seattle PD emblem on it and having decided it would be the perfect souvenir to bring back as evidence of their triumph, Mateo poured the rest of the coffee onto the floor board; The scent of the steaming liquid wafting through the interior of the car as Jackson snickered.

"We should get out of here and get back to the others." Mateo told him. He had no idea that Jackson had just stumbled upon the scene and decided to risk life and limb simply as a Good Samaritan. He assumed he must have been another recruit for Praetor Lupus he didn’t know about. Jackson, completely oblivious, agreed to come along to see the kid safely reunited with his friends for lack of a better plan. They left the vehicle behind and quickly zig-zagged through the streets and allies, back towards the safe house. Having made it back, they climbed the stairs to the second floor of the deserted building where Cade and David were waiting for them.

David was clearly relieved to see his little brother back, starting over to him. "That took you long enough, what happened—"

He stopped mid-stride and looked at Jackson, realizing he was none of the recruits from earlier, "who the fuck is that?"

Mateo appeared surprised, looking between his brother and Jackson. "Him? He’s... he’s, uh..." Mateo then remembered he had never asked for the blond kid’s name, "he’s one of us... isn’t he?"

David palmed his forehead, "No! You dipshit! Why the fuck is here!?"

Cade moved from the wall, gaze fixated on Jackson with a predacious look in his brightly lit eyes. Praetor Lupus had survived only by being the utmost careful in its operations and who it included. Even when it came to other werewolves, Cade was discerning with who he permitted any kind of knowledge of the pack and its whereabouts. He did not trust them by virtue of their species. The revolution had failed because of betrayal from within after all and he would not make the same mistake.

Mateo was flabbergasted and frantic, "He-he saved my life! One of the patrol guys got me and he stole their vehicle and got me out of there! I just thought because he was a werewolf and.. and.." he fell silent as Cade strode past him, seemingly ignoring what he had to say and focusing on Jackson.

"Who are you?" Cade asked pointedly, standing just close enough to Jackson to be intimidating. The first thing that came to Cade’s mind is that he was possibly a spy, an infiltrator from the outside trying to learn more about them.