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located in Verinotte Hall, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Verinotte Hall

Standing proud and high with dragons crawling up it's sides was Verinotte Hall. Large gilded doors atop an elaborate marble staircase marked the entrance to this wonderous place. A large clock face mocked the very moon, as this was the tallest tower.


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Character Portrait: Boo Character Portrait: Shimizu Takayama Character Portrait: Midgra Character Portrait: Akio Revela Character Portrait: The Scribe Character Portrait: Vance Hemolian
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First one, then a second and then a third readily agreed to the contract that the strange masked man had proposed them. A pleased look shone in the golden orbs of his eyes as they flicked across each of the his three new employee, doubtless he would have been smiling widely as each of them were more than happy to agree to the terms of the contract, who wouldn't have after all agreed to such a ready and inviting deal?

The silver lettering on the silk in Vances hands shone a brilliant jade green for a brief moment after they had all agreed to the terms of the contract which gently ebbed away into a gentle glow of blue light that just about managed to light up the page it was written on in the rare moments of low light. Impossibly the singular piece of silk paper had somehow copied itself into three identical pieces, one for each of them to keep hold of, which their new found employer simply waved away as though it were the most insignificant thing to happen.

Rather than address Vance he instead turned his attention to Midgra, the fox had after all been the first to accept his offer, and held the box out to the small being.
"Exactly as promised, a gift of generosity, one enchanted Box of Plenty. Just don't get overzealous and try to put something other than food in there, it takes an awfully long time to make these and I would rather not have to go through that again any time soon." Relinquishing the box he turned back to Vance and gently plucked the card from him, turning it over in his gloved hand as his golden eyes appraised it silently. "Hmm, as you wish, that won't be too difficult." He flicked the card over once more and then produced a blank copy of the card with his other hand from somewhere in one of the many pockets on his person. His eyes traced across Vance's card and the details upon it were repeated on the version that he had been carrying with him as he traced his thumb across the surface of the card. With a tilt of his head he handed the original card back to the blue haired figure and then finally turned to address Boo.

"Well my dear I'm afraid locating me would be far harder than it would be for me to locate you, so I do need a location in which to deposit your payment however I can more than easily place your payment into gold coins if that is more suitable for you. As for when you start work, enjoy tonight, though I dare say the majority of the Ball has concluded itself for the best part. However the terms of your collective contracts are effective as of this moment so I do expect you to begin performing work as soon as possible. And of course, when you find someone you wish to recruit to my employment simply produce the contract, get their agreement and they too shall be subject to the terms of it, all very simply work I believe."

The masked man clapped his hands together once, like a joyful businessman after a particularly good deal and slowly looked around the remainder of the Ball in a casual manor. As his golden eyes made contact with a pair of regal brown eyes the warm and happy look melted away into something far closer to malicious hunger of some great and starving beast before they flicked back to the three before him, the warm look once more glowing within his enigmatic gaze. "Now, if there are no more queries about anything I will take my leave, I intend to speak to the hosts of this fine gala before the night ends."