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Upon hearing his roommate's reply, confirming him that he is allowed to walk inside, Kazuo smiled, "Well then, please excuse me. I made you something for breakfast and hopefully it will help you get better." One may be wondering why he is willing to go to such length to care for someone whom he had barely known for several months, but perhaps that was just the way he is. He loves taking care of others more than he would admit, and it is something most would consider to be both a charm and a weakness of his.

"You were pretty beaten up yesterday, any better now after your long night rest?" Kazuo asked and placed the porridge bowl on the table next to the bed. Hikari assured him that he is feeling not at his best, but not as bad as it was the day before, which was thankfully a relief for Kazuo. "That's good to hear. Well, you just have to take your time and chill out as much as you can today, okay? Miki-kun came over and told me that we're all excused for the day. At least a good thing out of this, don't you think?"

Hikari smiled as always before thanking Kazuo for the meal he had made. The topic of what had happened last night suddenly popped up in Kazuo's mind. What was happening back then was super awkward, and he figured that it would be best not to bring that up. He doesn't want Hikari to feel that he needs to take responsibility for it or anything, and it all can be put to blame on the alcohol. A part of Kazuo also admitted that some of it is also due to the fact that right now he himself doesn't really know how he should feel about it either. He had never been too closed with many people, but he would be lying if he says he wholeheartedly thought of Hikari in the way similar to Takumi and Miki.

Suddenly, Hikari spoke up and apologized for what had happened last night. Great, so he still remembers all of it. He quietly sighed. However, he found that it was rather surprising that Hikari was sorry not for what he did, but for the fact that he didn't ask for Kazuo's permission before he did. And the reason for the kiss yesterday was not only due to the alcohol, but for Hikari's own feelings as well.

It was a bit too much for Kazuo to take in all at once, and he can feel his face heating up. This is really the first time he was caught in a situation like this. But, when Hikari's face met with his own, he took a deep breath and gather his thoughts. "I... don't really know how I should feel. You are a good person, Hikari-san, but the reason was kind to you is because you are my friend. If it was about yesterday then I honestly don't mind. But, we have been facing a lot of things, aren't we?" Kazuo smiled, "So yeah, I agree that we all need time to sorts out how we feel, and that includes you too, don't you think?"

Kazuo then stood up, "Well, please have a lot of rest, Hikari-san. If you need anything, I won't be going anywhere today."