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located in Spearwater Boarding School, a part of The Killer on Spearwater Campus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Spearwater Boarding School



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Georgia woke up to the sound of the first bell.

Well Annie
, She groaned,
looks like we're gonna be late on the first day of the new term

There was an eerie silence in the dorm. Georgia sighed, her eyes wandering all over the room. She remembered how Annie hated this room, hated the view.
What is the point in having windows when all you can see is more windows from the dorm across the hall!
she remembered Annie saying. She giggled. Annie always was the sunshine on a rainy day, she brought happiness wherever she went. But now she was gone. She was never coming back. All light in Georgia's life had been lost.

She sat up and clambered out of bed, slipped on her clothes, tied up her hair and got ready to brace the day. As the second bell rang she locked her door and ran down the old oak staircase to Mathematics, Mr Stratherns class. It wasn't like she was missing much by being late, she was two weeks ahead of the class. God a lot can change in two weeks, she thought to herself. No matter how well she was doing in classes, or how good she looked, or how well she coached the Cheer squad as the new leader, nothing could take away the aching in her heart.