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The tears overflowed from my eyes and I felt like I never wanted to let my arms fall from around her. She spoke beautiful words with meaning so deep that only we could understand, I felt the shiver run up her spine and it seemed to pass into me as we kept looking deeper and deeper into each others eyes. "And I see you." The trust was there was something within her eyes that I had never seen before but felt like it was always their, hidden from view, where the eye dose not see. I lifted a hand to her cheek and mirrored hers on mine. It felt like an eternity we stood looking into each others eyes and to my mind it still wasn't long enough, but what finally disturbed us was the only thing that was welcome to.

Ajax stood in the door way with Zed and Seb along side him, a hand rubbing the sleep from his eyes. I turned slightly keeping Aiyana held up in my arm so we could both see him. Another silence like before as we smiled up at him, I held out an arm for him and he quickly came running down the stair, all traces of sleep gone replaced by joy and he literally dove from the bottom steps into my waiting arm. I pulled him into our embrace, gentle rocking my family back and forth in our first real embrace. Despite him not really knowing I like to believe he knew there was a change in his parents and the change was good. I only stopped rocking as I felt Seb jump up onto my shoulder and move onto Aiyana and Zed begin circling us closely, letting his tail and side rub against my legs. I lowered us all to the ground until I had one of them on each knee and move my arm to bring Zed into the embrace. Kota had also joined us at some point and Zed remained silent to his presence feeling the emotion on the moment.