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located in Spearwater Boarding School, a part of The Killer on Spearwater Campus, one of the many universes on RPG.

Spearwater Boarding School



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"Let's pretend I give you this twenty bag, Jack. Do you have anything to smoke it with?"

"Uhm... Come on Damian, you'd know I would smoke it with you."

Laughter. Mocking laughter. "You're fucking hilarious, Jack. I could sell a pipe to you, or a bong. Maybe even papers. But I won't smoke with you. In fact..."

And with that, Damian Spates pulled out a fat joint, bringing it to his mouth. Grabbing his lighter, he lit the joint and breathed in deeply. He held his breath, smirking at Jack, the scrawny little first year. Damian exhaled smoke across Jack's face, before laughing again. "You're an idiot, Jacky-boy. $120 for a bong, and $20 for the bag. Get me the money, and I'll get you drugs." Checking his watch, his eyes widened, "I'm late for class. Fuck. Alright, gotta go."

"Wait, can I have that joint at least?" Jack asked.

"Uhh..." Damian looked wide-eyed at Jack, before torching all of his joint, until it was nothing but ashes. "No."

Jack frowned at Damian, "Fuck you, man. Really, you're a dick."

With a wink, Damian left the poor kid, and walked into the school. He had a math class he needed to get to. Within a few minutes, he saw Roxie Lilac enter the classroom he was heading into. He walked into the room, a bit after Roxie and after a few sprays of cologne. Damian nodded towards Mr. Stratherns, before taking a seat at the back of the classroom,