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I noticed Atlas's squirming in his chair and I exhaled lightly. I was worried about Pantheon. I was about to stand up but feeling Atlas kiss the back of my hand, I relaxed and not my head lightly. Please do what you must for Pantheon. My voice echoed softly in Atlas' head as he left, My eyes followed Atlas with a soft, yet worried gaze before they quick snap over in the direction of the loud slam. I listened to Sabrina quietly and sat still. My body leaned forward, elbows rested on the table and my fingers interlaced in front of my face and I stared ahead but listened to everything quietly, my mind soaking every word in and trying to figure out what to do next.

Usha rolled her eyes lightly at Sabrina. "You've suffered nothing mortal." She turned fold her arms across her chest and she listened to Sabrina with an unamused look and her gaze would occasionally drift off as if she was noticeably bored. When Sabrina finished, Usha looked at Sabrina and she smirked lightly. "What is in the past is in the past and nothing we can do now will fix what has happened. As for the mortals chosen that suffered during the games, that has nothing to do with me." Her eyes slowly moved over to Sehanine and she glared at her sister. "Those were just the gods playing their games. Treating their humans like pawns and continuing to further suppress me." Sehanine's head and shoulders were low but feeling her sister's gaze, they seem to lower even more than before. Usha looked back at Sabrina and she rolled her eyes. "As for the war, I had no intentions on destroying you all, well, not all of you but you mortals were in my way." She leaned forward and she opened her mouth but slowly closed it when I stood up.

I stood up slowly, my hands on the table and my head down. "Enough. Speaking on these matters will get us nowhere." I lifted my head slowly, my eyes held a strong and determine gaze. "We are here to work together; gods, mortals, everyone. We will set aside our differences because what is at stake right now is worth more than just our lives. Whatever beef, grudges or indifference that you have right now, shut it in the back of your mind! Now! I no longer have the tolerance for it and neither should anyone else because none of that matters right now!" I glanced around the room before I stood up straight and looked ahead. "The Corruption can control the weak-minded easily. The animals will be the first of his command when he begins his attack. Everyone will need to be prepared. We have already lost our family, The Suns, to the masses of The Corruption power over the large weak-minded beasts and that display of strength was not even a quarter of The Corruption's strength. The sightings and encounter of The Corruption's beasts were just mere tests. When we prepare for this war, we must focus on enabling a strong defense. Fear, anger, greed, lust, insecurity, hatred, all of that and more are fuels for The Corruption. Should your mind become what The Corruptions seeks in power, you too will fall to The Corruption and I fear that you will lose control and turn on your brothers and sisters during this battle and force us to make a decision that we do not wish to make." I lowered my head slightly but picked it up just as quickly. "It is as Usha has said, myself and Atlas will go to the heavens to the heart of The Corruption and try to end its hold to power for we all know what is at stake should we fail."