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I saw Sabrina's eyes take on a look that I had never seen before and I did not understand it completely until I heard the tone of her voice. I was hurt that she wished for myself to be excused as well. I wanted to go to her and soothe her anger but I knew now would not be the best time to do so. I nod my head lightly. Still hurt and feeling disappointed in myself for not being able to suppress the tension in the room. I knew that it was never a good idea for Usha and Sabrina to be in the same room together. They never got along and tension always build up between them. I turned and I walked out of the room, followed by a shameful Sabrina, an unamused Usha and a calm Orthello.

Once out of the room and down the hall, the room seem to be able to breathe but there was still an air of tension in the room. Abook's ethereal figure glanced over at Bengali then back at Sabrina. Wayra ethereal figure glanced over at Nata's ethereal figure and she glanced over at Abook's figure before they all looked back at Sabrina, waiting for her to speak. Even with them being in their respective locations, they could all feel the tension in the air and their uneasiness showed as well as the others in the room. Hector exhaled lightly and he rubbed his temples with his index fingers and he shook his head lightly. "Oh boy..." he mumbled lightly under his breath with a deep sigh.