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located in Pennsylvania, a part of Bellingstone, PA, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Poppy Clarke Character Portrait: Andre Clarke Character Portrait: Junsoo Moon Character Portrait: Ellis Bleddyn
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Contrary to her earlier antics, Poppy cleaned her plate, finishing quicker than her brother even. It was probably more a testament to how pensive (and secretly tired) the older Clarke sibling was. With only really giving himself two days to focus on the family in their time of grief, Andre had also managed to do shifts at the bar, keep up to date with those finances and stocks, and planned the funeral - completing all of which as if they were nothing when in reality, Andre was more than likely going to wind up running himself ragged. It was always his desire to keep up appearances that did him in, Poppy mused as she slipped off of her seat and into the kitchen, putting her dishes in the lukewarm sudsy water along with the rest of the unwashed dishes he had used to cook the dish. Knowing her brother, he had already placed whatever leftovers there were of the hash and put them in some container for dinner.

"Maybe you should just take the day off," Poppy called from the kitchen, idly pushing up her sleeves and getting to work on the dishes. If she didn't start now and get it finished, she never would. It was the worst part about cooking. Her voice startled Andre out of his reverie, though she didn't see it his blink of surprise. He hadn't even realized he had paused; the food he thought to have been on his folk had plopped back onto the plate, a small clump beside the corner of hash he had left. Shaking his head, Andre chugged nearly all of what was left of his coffee, set the mug down and replied after a strong swallow, "Nah, I'm good. Probably just do a few hours, then I'll go finish up packing his stuff at town hall." Poppy didn't bother stopping herself from making a face, but she didn't turn around to grace his words with it. "Or...I could do it." Andre looked up at that, taking a large mouthful of food to expedite the process. His appetite had slowly begun to dwindle after his sister's earlier suspicions had been said, and though he asked her to let it be, Andre couldn't get the odd feeling in his gut to go away. He kept picturing his father's dead body in the morgue, pale and lifeless, all of the blood drained. Andre had always been prepared for the day his father died; never wanted it, but knew he had to school his features and his heart to keep it pushing. But still, there had been something disconcerting about it all at the time; the actual timing of the death, the coroner's report, the whispers of certain people's returns, etc. However, before he could dignify his sister's offer with the response he already had ready in the negative, his phone vibrated and Andre pulled it out, smirking lightly upon seeing who it was from.

To: June
Yeah, not happening, thanx tho ;D c u in a bit

"Who's that? Auntie CC again?" Poppy inquired, placing the large wok into the drying rack before turning around, tea towel in hand. "June with, apparently, the same mindset as you," he answered once his text to the bartender was served. A small smile flitted across Poppy's face at the thought of the sweet nice guy who made the best mimosas in Bellingstone. As much as her colleagues liked the sniff their noses at the idea of coming over to some small town that was slightly bigger than your run-of-the-mill small town, Poppy would go to war over proving how good those mimosas were. "Which means we're both geniuses and you need to listen to us." Poppy threw the tea towel down and took two big steps to the counter her brother was still seated at, standing on the side opposite to the male. He was at her height at the moment, which made her placing her hands flat on the white surface as she stared him down. "Listen, if you wanna go to work, I won't stop you. I hope June cusses you out for not letting yourself be human for once and take a chill day, but whatever. Let me worry about Dad's office today. I'll have everything cleared out in no time." Andre stared, expressionless, for a beat and Poppy thought they were going to wind up having to argue since Andre was more of a control freak than she was. A second later, however, and her brother sighed, weary, and broke eye contact. "If you think you've got it." Poppy had to stop herself from snorting.

"They're boxes, Dre. I'll be fine," she told him, already heading out of the kitchen. "Don't forget to put your dishes in the sink before you leave." She didn't bother looking back. Soon, she was stalking down the hallway in long strides, eager to do absolutely anything other than nothing. She'd been doing that for long enough, regardless of what her boss or brother had to say. As Poppy went to find shoes for the day, she scooped up her phone from her nightstand, reaching out to the first friend she felt like dealing with since her father's passing. She had eventually learned to accept everyone's condolences, but at the time, Poppy just hadn't wanted to be bothered. She considered the others, but Ellis was a safe and nice option. He didn't have as many memories as the others.

To: Ellis
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