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located in Tower Room, a part of Veritas Isle, one of the many universes on RPG.

Tower Room

The Tower Room is a small bedroom that is cut off from the rest of the house. It has a stairway in the stoned wall in the back, can be reached from inside the house too. There is also a bathroom below the tower just for whoever occupies the room.


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Character Portrait: Luther Silverson Character Portrait: Barynn Garmold
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Barynn quietly followed him along, carrying her bag over her shoulder. As they walked, he talked. The information he was providing was useful enough, though it was interspersed with all sorts of bits that she didn't much care to hear. Another reminder of exactly why she tended to avoid small talk and conversation. It was quite intriguing, though, to find out that there was a retiring jeweler in town. That meant that there was a space to fill, and that meant that she could easily slide in and fill that spot. He also mentioned a girl who would probably be willing to help her - or, in this situation, would the girl be working for her? She'd pay the girl for her service, after all. Her mother might not pay her for her work, but Barynn was not her mother and she doubted that the girl would work for her merely out of the goodness of her heart.

It also seemed beneficial to her that the retiring old woman was a dwarf. That meant that the woman would likely be pleased to have one of her own kin taking over her practice. It also meant, however, that Barynn would have to put more effort into impressing the woman if she was asked to show the woman her skill. Another dwarf would be more likely to spot the impurities and flaws in jewelry that a human or elf might not notice.

Luther's home was quite large. Barynn had seen a number of houses, but none quite as large as this one. She gazed at it in awe as they approached, and he took her inside with him. He told her about the room in which she'd be staying, and her heart jumped slightly at the idea of staying in a tower. She'd gone from living below the ground to living in a tower on an island that floated in the sky. She was quite proud of herself, and looked forward to writing to her parents about it. She hoped that they would be impressed. She also appreciated Luther's comment about the Tower Room being somewhat more secluded than the other rooms and that it had its own entrance - that meant that she could have her privacy, which was ideal to her.

"Thank you," she said in a soft voice as she looked around the room. It was small, but she didn't need anything too big as she was just one person. Aside from that, it was beautiful. Again, it almost seemed too good to be true - but Luther had made it quite clear that he genuinely wanted to help, so she decided to trust him on this.