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We were silent for long moments. Soon Sehanine left the balcony in search of her champion, Ujarak. Usha looked over at Orthello then at me. "Let us speak." "Of what?" I asked. "Of what is to happen when re return to the heavens. I would not worry too much of what would be happening on the land of Reinos. The mortal, Sabrina, while annoying and a bit of a bitch, she is knowledgeable and capable of being able to protect herself and those around her." I nod my head slowly. "Your right." Usha nod her head and she walked over to me. "Ofcourse I am. Now, listen carefully....this is what needs to happen when we reach the heavens." I listened carefully to Usha as she explained her process to extract The Corruption's power and put the corrupted souls where they belonged. This is the most important part. You cannot get caught by The Corruption. You must not die. If you die..." Usha took my hand and she looked deep into my eyes. ..the world ends. Everyone you know and love; your friends,
your mate, your son...they will all die a death very much like The Suns of Tempos but worst. Aiyana, I know I shouldn't ask this of you but when you fight The Corruption in the heavens do what you always do, fight smart. Your intelligence always surprise me."
She siled lightly before she stood up and walked away. Orthello looked over at me and he smiled kindly before he followed after Usha.

I sat quietly, my eyes widen in surprise at Usha. She told me her plan and what I needed to do and she seem to be concerned for me. This surprised me greatly. I had never known Usha to care about anyone but herself. Sure the sake of the world was at hand but Usha has changed quite a but since her return back with Atlas, Tryndamiere and Tempos and her return from visiting my mother. I could not help but to wonder what made her change. If only we shared the same vessel I would know what was going on in her mind but for the first time in a long time, I could not understand her actions and concerns. I blinked when I sensed a feeling of need from Atlas and I stood up and walked down the staircase and followed Atlas's energy to Picar's study. I opened the door slowly and I looked at Atlas before I looked over at Tryndamiere then back at Atlas. "Is something wrong, my love?" I asked softly as I walked over to Atlas and place a hand on his shoulder.