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located in Astrius Academy Labs District, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Astrius Academy Labs District

Although there are countless lab buildings and specialized experiment buildings across campus, this is the area where most are centered around. There are other buildings as well, but labs and especially the Main Laboratory Building are the majority.


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sizzle.... POP..... Crack...... FWHUMP.......... WHAM

Something came through the portal and slammed into the wall after narrowing missing Acara dead on, Wings spread wide what appeared to be a human sized.... winged woman ?? Hit the wall with such force the whole room shook madly. Stuck against the wall, spread eagle, she slid to the floor before sitting up a dazed expression on her face, her nose bled slightly.

Her clothing was colearly from the orient, her weaponry similar or much older, the fact she somehow packed away two thousand Galadrim arrows in that quiver was something else entirely.

Not that it mattered.

Amber brown eyes darted around dazed as her senses went to work, she was blinded from the portal transfer, dazed, confused, and her whole body hurt. It was like going into the Black Star and dorking around killing the daedra inside along with the dead fuck.

Then she heard it

Running Water.... Air conditioning..... electrical power ??? The dazed look faded just as quickly as it came. "I hear running water!... Wait.... this isnt Warmoon Palace" She didnt see Acara at that moment. So she had no idea that one of her potions had shattered dousing her in it and making her briefly glow blue as whatever pain that rattled her faded. She quickly got to her feet and brushed herself off of the plaster. Picking up the fallen Aetherium Crown from where it hit the ground she then noticed Acara. Oh good, the men here werent so short she couldnt see them. Or them seeing her face above her breasts.

That was one of the downsides of Nirn, Spike towered over everyone But here tall short, it didnt matter apparently. Her wings stretched to their full length before resettling and she noticed Acara staring at her mouth agape. "Who are you ? Where am I ?"

Then a somehow much more important question filled her brain; "What.... what is the date ?"