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located in A Futuristic Earth, a part of The Mailmen, one of the many universes on RPG.

A Futuristic Earth



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Character Portrait: Vale Bell Character Portrait: Rayne Gray
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Today was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and the breeze was gently wafting providing a cool refreshing feeling. Rayne hummed a cheerful little tune, as he walked toward that which he had been hunting all day. A single dead man, with a briefcase foolishly cuffed to his arm. The man knelt down and admired his handiwork. A perfectly placed shot to the back of the head with a sniper caliber bullet. Rayne extended one hand triumphantly towards the sky, the sun shinning on his arms reflecting off the metal, giving a subtle glow to his appendages. With an audible clang a small though sharp blade extended from the wrist. As Rayne began to remove his prize from the target the man looked around victoriously. Around him lay five other bodies, their lives brought to an end in all manner of ways. Shot, stabbed, strangled, and at least one whose head was rendered as nothing but paste between the force of his grip.

This was the work of Madson's Collection and Delivery Service. Or more accurately from one of their more capable Mailmen, Rayne Gray. The carnage wrought here was not an uncommon sight among the employees of the Collection agency especially not for Rayne. A group of killers, assassins well versed in the art of murder. There would come a time where all mailmen would be tasked with the delivery of a corpse or two, and there was no mailman more capable of such a delivery than a Madson Mailman. The Collection and Delivery Service was a respectable company, specializing in assassination deliveries, while not the largest company they were of decent size and well respected. A Madson Mailman could always be counted on to deliver your package intact, whether that be a priceless heirloom or a severed head.

Once Rayne had finished collecting his prize, he set towards his next destination, the government office. He wasn't exactly sure why they wanted this done but Rayne would be damned if he didn't see it done. And so he set off, newly detached head in one hand, still dripping blood from the neck, and a shiny silver briefcase adorned with a severed hand in the other. As e walked he paid no mind to the startled crowd still hanging about in the city streets. Though he did briefly wonder if Mr. Madson would lecture him again about such a brutal, and public acquisition of his target.

AS he walked toward the office, he hummed a cheerful tune. Cheerful enough it sharply contrasted with his grisly cargo. On his way to the building he passed a certain bright blue haired boy, not noticing the smaller child, and accidentally bumping into the boy.