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Snippet #2735573

located in A Futuristic Earth, a part of The Mailmen, one of the many universes on RPG.

A Futuristic Earth



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Character Portrait: Vale Bell Character Portrait: Kali White Character Portrait: Rayne Gray
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Slightly earlier that day.
Broker life can be entertaining, and boring when there is no one who wants information from you, such boring day occurs every now and then. Today is such day for White, each broker decides to solve boredom in their own way. She’s usually solving it with sketching, and gathering information. She was up and high, on the roof of building well known in this place, known for important office that resides inside.

Today was a normal day, except for the boring part where you have no broker deals, last thing left is sketching and waiting…

White sighed.

"Rai, look around for something interesting, and tell me if any group makes some kind of move" Black sphere reacted to her voice. She heard a reply through an old communicator in her ear.
"Of course, do you want me to update you on their movement? "
She chuckled.
"On their movement? Rai, update me on everyone’s movement, but do please start with them…"
"Certainly, as always little is known about their movement…though representative of theirs visited Darkstar Nightclub for reasons shrouded in mystery, and about your usual question, no noticeable activity "
Her body seconds ago stiff, now relaxed slightly.

"Good, update me when something changes…" She said, before returning to sketching.

*Time skip to current*

"Kali, there has been a change…"
She raised head slowly, pencil movement paused.
"Go on…"
"Darkstar Nightclub had an incident reported just now, in which club manager died…"
She laughed.
"You mean slave trader and criminal boss, good he’s dead…but there will be another in his place, anything else flying around? "
"Hired work, Mailman, payer unknown" Key words were enough for her.
She nodded, looking down at people walking in and out of the building.

Funny it is that they look up so rarely, but always look down…

She observed as two people tried to pass one another but bumped into each other instead, and she saw something else as well.

Seems like Mailmen caught someone’s attention, maybe someone I know…

Kali decided it was time to get inside building, as she stood up, one thing came to her mind - would anyone notice someone’s on the roof finally?

OOC - If I did some kind of mistake tell me :)