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Snippet #2735993

located in Dead End, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Dead End

This dead end reeks something awful, the combination of excretion and potentially rotting corpses raises into your nostrils (Or -other- sensory organs that control the sense of smell.)


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Character Portrait: Lillith Schmitz Character Portrait: Okina Matara
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Lilith glared at the remainder and shot them in vital areas multiple times before strolling over and crushing their heads underfoot and grinding the remains hatefully before stooping over one who was in the middle of bleeding out her eyes glowing with a golden light as she started to emit wispy lines of black smoke off her body to try and scare the man as she pried his helmet and visor off him "I want to you to go back to wherever you came from and tell your friends to stop coming after me so that I don't have to break any more families. I do not take any pleasure in ending this many lives but I WILL NOT let any more attacks on my person come without dire consequences you people have been hunting me and dying for months now and I'm sorry to say that no amount of money the Darkshifters offer you is going to be worth dying for because your death is all that will come from hunting me. i haven't lived for eons off of charisma or cunning I've survived because I seldom let anyone live to hunt me twice. remember this and never let me see your face again because next time you won't get out of it alive" After she finished speaking her hand glowed removing the bullet lodged in the mans abdomen and closing the wound before yanking him to his feet and shoving him towards the exit with a glowing gemstone quickly merging through his clothes into his back.

As the man stumbled away she then turned her head to the other still living folk among the rest of the bodies and quickly put them out of their misery. Collecting their gear before incinerating the bodies and turning to Okina "whatever your reason for being here thank you for the assistance" while saying this she broke all the collected gear down into it's component materials and wringing the blood and other bodily materials from it before storing it away and walking away from the now destroyed alley which sported numerous new blood stains craters bullet holes casings ash piles and scorch marks as well as a now runied dumpster and wall "I hope gambits bar is open because i need a drink badly" the gun in her hand reverted to an orb and the orb was stored in it's cage where it was suspended in the center with a faint glow