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located in Serenity, a part of The Five Year War: Training Cruise, one of the many universes on RPG.


Paradise or Hell


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As the Gunny yells his wake up call, Marcus slowly sits up and starts to get ready. He looks around the room thinking that this squad looks scared and unorganized. After getting ready he makes his way to the briefing, he sees the medic and sits next to him, "stick close kid, I'll keep you alive." He laughs as the first speaker steps on stage.

After the briefing "this sounds like an easy mission." He walks out to find some coffee. Before he can find the mess he hears the call for the squad meeting.

As he walks into the squad room he salutes the two officers and makes his way down to the tiny sniper chick. He sits down next to her figuring this is where their squad is supposed to sit.