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I watched Tryndamiere return to Atlas before I looked down at Atlas. I listened to him quietly and closed my eyes softly. "The love once forgotten..." I said softly before I opened my eyes and let him pull me into his lap. I shook my head slowly before I looked up at Atlas. "Nothing. Horrors of the past makes people change. Some for better but most for worst." He looked around lightly, studying Picar's study before I looked down, placing a hand lightly over my heart. "I am still upset, Atlas. Five years was much too long of a time to be away from my love, only to know that once we were reunited the love from you was fake and forced." I exhaled sadly. "During those five years, I always wondered if you would come back. Come search for me and our son. And I always wondered if I would ever find the bravery to leave our son and go off in search of you but we couldn't and I hate to admitted but I didn't even if we could, we wouldn't have. We were selfish. Even after everything that we went through, the god's tournament, the great war, even after all of that we were still selfish with ourselves and our love. I thought that we would have matured much more by now...but.." I lowered my ears sadly and I reached into my shirt and pulled out the necklace that Atlas gave me. "Do you remember the day when you gave this to me. Do you remember what you said?" I asked. I closed my eyes, holding back tears. "Atlas...please...never forget our love...please..."