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Snippet #2738979

located in A Futuristic Earth, a part of The Mailmen, one of the many universes on RPG.

A Futuristic Earth



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Character Portrait: Vale Bell Character Portrait: Kali White Character Portrait: Samantha Summers Character Portrait: Whisper Character Portrait: Ash Rosanoir Character Portrait: Lucas Maze Character Portrait: Kent Shimmer
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White heard another message, coming from mailmen, talking about the possible source of all of it. Something that caught her attention, and annoyed little.

“Rai why didn’t you…” She started.

“Too vague information gathered, possible trap or already abandoned, also there was a firewall that almost thrown us out of mailmen channel when the message was sent out. Possibly another reason to suspect trap or someone from mailmen trying desperately to hide this message.” Rai’s reply made sense, they could leave machines in form of distraction, message she won't comment.

I still want to check that…

She slowly moved from that damn spot, tired of waiting…it seemed like there was an error in earlier calculations.

Let’s just make it a quick travel from here to there…

“I’ll shut you down again Rai…” She said and shut him down without waiting for reply.

"I see, I'll be there in few minutes, please do wait till then." - Came to her mind, but it would be weird for person that isn't a mailman reply to this message, staying silent and going there also. Either choice would be bad, but she wanted to go there...

*Few minutes later*
She finally could see building that was mentioned in message, and she could see someone. Who was that silver haired person,is what made her wonder...
She waved to him or her from a distance, whoever that person was, she would soon learn.

OOC - Silver haired means Kent.