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Specter stared down at the book in his lap, making a crooked face. Ten commandments? Really? He scoffed, rolling his eyes more to himself than anything else. No murdering made sense, for obvious reasons. But where was the commandment 'thou shalt not be an asshole'? That'd be a good one. Hell, he might consider finding religion if that was somewhere within these thousands of ridiculous beliefs. He was having trouble finding which one of these religions seemed the most likely... Or least stupid. Kind of a toss up. Christianity, and any form of mythology was definitely off the table. He figured if he had to sign his soul over that moment, he'd probably be a buddhist. So far into his reading, a buddhist never hurt anyone. Hubble, peaceful, bald dudes.

He sighed, taking a break from the book momentarily, rubbing his forehead. Specter would rather read Finnegan's Wake... again, then this. But knowledge is knowledge. Well, that... And he was running out of books in the facility's shitty library. His hand rand down his face, tugging downward on his cheeks. When Spec opened his eyes, he was met by Novak's gaze, an ironic grin plastered on their face. "What if there's a God for everyone? And these Gods are all upstairs -" They motioned their drawing implement up above them before they continued speaking. "fighting over who gets to do what? He was praying to me, no, he was praying to me."

Specter tilted his head to the side, pursing his lips as he looked up towards the ceiling. "So, like... if there are some powerful dudes up there. Instead of fighting... I just want all of you at once to blast Vlad's cell with glitter... Please." He felt the menacing brunette's gaze through the concrete wall. But, Spec just sat there grinning ear to ear, looking between Novak and Hawke.

After a moment, he tapped to his wrist as if he was wearing a watch, then shrugged his shoulders. "I'm assuming nothing happened since I didn't hear a temper tantrum coming from my right."

Vlad mockingly moved his shoulders like he would if he could give a sarcastic laugh. [ You wouldn't be saying that if there wasn't two layers of bullet proof glass between us. ] He had grown tired of aggressively playing his guitar for the time being. It only worked temporarily with the twig. So, he simply continued arguing a one sided conversation in his mind. [ Because I'd fucking 'temper tantrum' all over your ass. ]

To be honest, Specter was lucky... Very lucky. If he wasn't Hawke's friend, Vlad would have found some way to beat his ass to a pulp years ago. Fuck the repercussions. It'd be worth it to shut him up for a good week... Or you know, forever. But then he'd have to deal with the wrath of his brother. Not that it was all that intimidating, but it wasn't an avenue that he was wanting to explore. Knowing Vlad's luck, there would come a time where he did something beyond forgiveness in his brother's eyes. He'd like to postpone that as much as possible, at least to some circumstance where he could defend his actions. Not shutting up an annoying know it all.

A blur of blonde shot up in the cell across the block from Vlad. He sighed through his nose, not wasting a sideways glance towards the bimbo. Sure, she was smart... Or whatever. But if there was anyone that had the potential to piss him off more than Specter, it was Hanne. At least the nerd had his head screwed on right when it came to the facility. Yeah, he pussed out often, following the rules and played the good prisoner. But Hanne, damn was she a mess.

"Where could...?" Vlad snorted back a laugh as he went back to strumming the calming tune on his guitar. Another day, another lost mouse. Like mother fucking clockwork. Stockholm, spazz, suicidal and whatever the hell Novak was. Somedays Vlad couldn't help but wonder if he wanted out of the facility more for the freedom... Or to be free of these basket cases? It really was a toss up.

"V, peep this," Novak called towards him, causing Vlad to quickly snap out of his own mind ramblings. His hands abruptly stopped playing as he propped himself up on his elbows, quirking his brows. After a moment he felt Hawke step into his mind, projecting an image before him. His dark gaze scanned the drawing of... Himself? He was reigning down all kinds of hell fury on this tartarus pit of a building. He couldn't help but smile underneath his gag, even chuckling slightly at the captions beneath it.

[ I hate to break it to you, Hawke... But, I think I got the better genes. I'm fucking sexy. ] Vlad turned his head towards his brother, raising a brow while nodding his head. [ If I didn't know better, Red, I'd say we've reached a new level in our relationship if you've started drawing me. ] He stretched his arms out, before crossing them under his head as he laid back down. [ The Reckoning. Capital "T". If I'm going to be your muse, I think I deserve some emphasis. ] Vlad teased before moving his hands back to his guitar. It seemed that seeing his own face as the subject of a drawing, as a God no less, put a little pep in his music game. The tune went from somber to almost omnipotent. Yes, it was definitely inflating his ego.

Ivy sat silently in her cell, tracing swirls in the corner of the page of her journal. She might have looked busy, but she heard everything... Well, everything that was said audibly, anyway. Sometimes she couldn't quite tell if she was happy or sad that she didn't seem to click into the group like some of the others. It was her own doing of course. In her mind, being overtly friendly would just make everything harder for her in the end. Making friends, or whatever else is dangerous. One accidental slip up and she could kill anyone she cared about. She'd rather not have friends, than the possibility of that.

She had long been zoning out as stared down at her open journal. Her bare feet extended before her on the cold concrete floor. Ivy only looked up when a small white blur started to move closer to her feet. She quickly glanced over seeing a mouse. The tiny animal moved its nose towards her toe. Ivy inhaled sharply, quickly withdrawing her knees towards her chest.

Ivy stared down at the mouse as it sniffed around the floor of her cell. It was rare, very rare for her to see an animal that wasn't a picture in one of Specter's books. It was tiny, small enough to fit in the palm of her hand. She could only imagine how soft the fur was and the warmth of its body as she held it. She desperately wanted to touch it, just for a second. Her hand slowly slipped from around her shins, falling to rest on the ground beside her. She didn't move, just watched as the curious animal scurried closer and closer to her.

The mouse was only inches away from her hand when she heard Hanne. "Has anyone seen my mouse?"

Ivy jumped up from the ground, hurrying over to the other side of her cell. She pressed her back against the opposite wall, her gaze fixed on the animal. She quickly grabbed her trash can, dumping out its contents on the ground. With a sigh, she carefully placed it over the mouse so that she didn't lose sight of it. [ I'm so sorry little guy. ] Ivy rested her hands on her waist as she took a deep breath trying to calm herself down. She couldn't believe that she almost gave into temptation and touched it.

Her hands raised to rub her eyes before running back through her hair. "Yeah, Hanne. It's here," she said softly as she stared down at the over turned trashcan. What in the hell was she supposed to do now?

After a long moment, Ivy walked over to her small nightstand. She threw open the top drawer, grabbing a pair of thick burlap gloves. She clenched her jaw slightly as she pulled them on, the hem reaching nearly to her elbow. She also put on a pair of socks, just in case. As prepared as she could be, Ivy lifted the trashcan, quickly picking up the mouse before it scurried off. She held her breath simply staring at the life she literally held in her hands. A gut wrenching sensation rose from the pit of her stomach, nearly bringing tears to her eyes. This little dumb animal seemed perfectly content in her hands. The beauty of innocence.

Ivy sniffled, forcing herself out of it. She turned towards the camera in the upper corner of her cell, waving her free hand to get whatever guard that was watching her to pay attention. After a moment or two of waving, she held up the mouse towards the camera, then pointed towards Hanne. Several seconds passed before a loud buzz could be heard. The invisible seam in the glass wall slowly appeared before the door pivoted outwards into the cellblock.

With the mouse in hand, Ivy slowly stepped out in the center of the large circular space. She turned to her left, stepping around the door as she moved towards Hanne's cell. She extended her hands through the open portion of the blonde's poor excuse of a cell door. Ivy didn't dare look up or make eye contact as she waited. "Here." Once the mouse was out of her hands, she added one final comment. "Keep a better eye on them... That one almost touched my foot."

With no more to say, Ivy pivoted on her heels as she pulled off her gloves, one finger at a time. When her gaze fell upon the cellblock door directly across from her, she stood in her place... frozen. It was right there. Nothing standing in her way. She couldn't see a guard on the other side through the window. All she would have to do is absorb a little bit of the energy from the locking mechanism, then run. She twisted the gloves in her hands, her bottom lip quivering slightly. It'd be so easy. Maybe she could even take off the jumpsuit down to her tank top and underwear. The guards wouldn't dare touch her and she'd be gone.

Then the red alarm light in the main area of the cellblock began to flash along with the warning alarm. She knew what it meant. Get back in your cell before the guards arrive. For one last fleeting moment, she contemplated running. That was... Until Ivy looked around the room and her gaze fell on Hawke. She finally breathed, tightly shutting her eyes as she beelined for her cell. Once inside, she shut the door behind her, throwing her gloves on the ground. She climbed onto her bed, crawling back to the corner where he couldn't see her. Her arms wrapped around her legs as she lowered her forehead down onto her knees. Ivy could have made it. She knew she could have. But, she didn't... because it was Hawke's day. If she got out, then he'd pay the price.