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Vlad rolled his eyes when he heard the laughter that came from Novak and Hawke. His hands softly strummed at the guitar, more as a way to keep his hands busy rather than rudely tuning anyone out... At least, not yet. [ Sexy, my ass. I have the better jaw. ] Ironically, it was the time old argument between the two. Leave it to twins to argue about who is better looking. Plus, everyone could tell... It was Vlad, obviously.

[ Yes, because that's the first thing chicks notice. 'Oh, look at that jawline. Swoon.' ] Vlad's hands froze and brows furrowed after he spoke. Actually, neither one of them knew what women thought. Aside from Ivy, Hanne and Novak, their exposure to women is quite limited. Their opinions of what makes a guy attractive or not is biased due to the simple fact they've all spent every waking moment together for over a decade.

"If it makes you stop being such a noisy jerk, I'll draw you as a different god every day. Of course, this means that Specter's going to have to tell me all about the different religions and their gods."

Fuck. Vlad pursed his lips behind his gag. Like he did whenever he was frustrated or out done, he grew quiet. His attention moved back to his hands as he played his instrument with more purpose. He should have known better, it was nothing knew. It seemed that most of them were chomping at the bit to put Vlad in his place. Came with the territory. But if he had to put his money on someone, Novak was always the one who gave him the most shit. You'd think it'd be Hawke... But nope, not even close.

"No worry, Spec, I got him for you. Read me more later, please?"

Specter grinned, shooting Novak a finger gun with a mouth click to confirm. "You bet." He couldn't help but find enjoyment at the way Novak liked to bug Vlad. Although Spec couldn't hear the mind linked conversation, he could put two and two together to figure out what Vlad was saying, simply because Novak was kind enough to respond verbally.

When the alarm sounded in their cellblock, Specter's brow furrowed as he pushed up off his bed, shoving the book aside. He hurried to the glass wall that faced out towards the other cell. He had to hug the right corner to catch a glimpse... Ivy somehow was out of her cell, but quickly slipped back into her room. "Huh," he hummed to himself as he slowly pivoted on his heel and headed back towards the bed. It wasn't often that he heard that alarm go off. Usually, it was a type of warning to tell them they were doing something wrong, which he could only assume it was directed at Ivy.

Specter didn't have to be a telepath like Hawke to figure that she probably wanted to attempt another escape. She definitely had the running score. Being outside her cell, half of the battle was over. She was smarter than some people gave her credit for. Spec didn't doubt she was forming some sort of plan in her mind. After all, if she could have found a way out of the cellblock quickly... She could have covered some serious ground before any guards caught up with her. His thoughts were promptly cut off when he heard the door to the cellblock unlock. He spared a glance through the walls out into the hall, gauging the guards. Instead of bombarding Hawke's mind with thoughts of dread and worry... Spec stuck his nose back in his book, barely sparing a glance upwards towards the passing guards.

Ivy heard the door to the cellblock open, causing a knot to grow in her stomach. She quickly pushed off her bed and ran to the glass wall. As if almost forgetting entirely, she instantly thought they were coming for her. She was out of her cell too long... Maybe they wanted to reaffirm that there was no possible way to escape. But they continued right past her cell like she wasn't there. She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth when they stopped before Hawke's cell. She watched quietly as he exited his cell, turning out his pockets for the skittish guards.

They lead Hawke back through the cellblock towards the door. As they passed her cell, she was met by Hawke's gaze. "Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it," he said quietly so only she could hear. "I'll be fine." She nodded her head towards him, watching as he was lead out of the cell block.

After a moment, Ivy's gaze drifted across the block towards Novak who looked like she was still trying to fix her drawing. "Sorry Novak," she said, twiddling her fingers slightly. "Can you fix it?"


Vlad had lost track of how much time had passed since they came to get Hawke. It felt different that day. He personally didn't have a clock, but it felt longer than normal. On experiment days, whomever was in the labs always missed lunch. But, lunch had come and gone awhile ago. Still no Hawke. His discomfort continued to grow slowly, and came across through his guitar playing. When he heard the cellblock door open, Vlad nearly fell with how quickly he jumped up from his bed and hurried towards the plexiglas wall. A pit instantly grew in his stomach when he saw different guards enter the cellblock without his brother.

He didn't like this. Where was his brother? Vlad crossed his arms, tapping his fingers against his bicep impatiently as the anxiety grew. What in the fuck was going on? What he'd give for his voice right now.

"Time for dinner. You know the drill," one of the guards said towards them.

Specter could sense the animosity and anxiety coming from Vlad. He didn't even have to see it to guess what he was feeling with the absence of Hawke by dinner. That was not normal. Only on the rare occasion had one of them been kept past the standard amount of time. Usually it was either Ivy or Vlad for when they acted out. But, Hawke didn't do anything, so why wasn't he back. Something was off and it didn't sit right with Spec.

With a sigh, he closed his eyes allowing his vision to flow through his eyelids, passing through the walls towards one of the guards that moved over to the keypad beside the entrance. He watched intently as the man's fat fingers typed in a combination... 239763. Then all at once, their cell doors swung open. Specter then slowly opened his eyes, quickly trying to recite the numbers to memory as he stood up from his bed and moved to line up in the center of the cell behind Vlad.

When Ivy heard the guard her heart skipped a beat. What? No? Her hands trembled slightly as she tried to open her bottom nightstand drawer, pulling out her straight jacket. She tried to calm herself as she slid her hands through the sleeves, and moved to stand with her back towards the center of the room. One of the guards moved up behind her, fastening the belts of the jacket. Between the toxicity of her skin and excessive escape attempts, they felt the need that whenever transporting her to keep Ivy in a straitjacket. She hated it. It made her feel like she was some sort of psych patient, unstable and insane. When in reality it was their only solution to keep her hands covered and arms restrained.

As always, the guard stayed behind her with one hand securely holding the back of the jacket, ushering Ivy forward like cattle. "Where's Hawke?" she finally asked. Vlad looked back towards the raven hair girl in silent appreciation of her asking the question he was dying to know the answer to.

"Who?" the guard asked in a monotone as he shoved her forward to follow the procession line towards the cafeteria.

"...Hawke—uhhh, 2746? Where is he?" The guards in the facility were dumb as a bag of rocks most days. They as refused to acknowledge the names they had given each other. Although, under constant observation, how could they not know? It was aggravating. When it was just the group, sometimes they could fool themselves into thinking they were somewhat normal. But, once in front of the guards they felt like cattle being lead to the slaughter. They were locked away in pins, given a number not a name, herded through life on their schedule until their time has come and usefulness spent.


It wasn't long before they reached the tiny cafeteria. They weren't allowed to eat with the others in the facility since they were moved to max. They even outfitted this particular room to hold them similarly to their cells but larger. The walls were charged with electricity so Specter couldn't simply run through them. Each of them had their own table, all of them identical aside from Vlad's. His was inside a small sound proof glass box.

Vlad was the first one into the cafeteria. He moved through the room, opening the door to the small box. Meal time was always the worst for him. He wasn't a fan of tight small places. His cell was big enough that it never really affected him, but sitting in something the size of a refrigerator box was discomforting. He took a deep breath, trying to remain calm as he sat down before the small ledge in the box that held his meal. Once the door shut, the locking mechanism on his gag disengaged, allowing him to remove it.

"What the fuck is this?" he asked himself as he made a distasteful face down at the food on the tray. His voice sounded scratchy and stressed from little use. Vlad always tried to make it a point during meals to talk and exercise his vocal cords, even if he had to talk to himself.

Specter's seat was a typical picnic styled table but made entirely of metal, similar to Novak's. His table was directly hook up to an electrical current that was switched off. But someone not in the room probably had their hand on the trigger, eyes pealed on the security monitors, so the second he moves beyond taking a bite of food they could give him a good zap. Luckily for him this only happened on a couple occasions because of a twitchy guard.

Ivy was lead to her table which had nothing spectacular or special with it. Simply just making her sit alone was plenty. The guard unhooked the straitjacket so that she could remove it. With her hands free, she ringed her fingers together, staring down at the plate of food, another form of torture. Mystery meat with frost bitten peas and... some kind of goop. But she couldn't eat and neither could Vlad or Specter by the look of things. All of them on edge with the absence of Hawke. Ivy's knee bounced nervously as she mindlessly poked at her food with a fork.