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located in Astrius Academy Labs District, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Astrius Academy Labs District

Although there are countless lab buildings and specialized experiment buildings across campus, this is the area where most are centered around. There are other buildings as well, but labs and especially the Main Laboratory Building are the majority.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Lady Vitas Warmoon Character Portrait: Acara Verrevia Character Portrait: Lady Spike Character Portrait: Jack Winters (Jack Frost)
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"Destra Lane,.... isnt that where that one tattoo shop is at ?... Err... was at ?" Vitas mused, the look Spike gave her made the woman in red and black smile something of a goofy 'I didnt do it' smile. "No matter there" She then snickered at the mere thought of accidently blowing up a tattoo parlor. Because it WAS indeed entirely accidental. Some rumors float still but one rumor was put down flat out that someone gave her an orgasm in the place. Which was not true in the slightest due to certain events proving something else happened there.

Spike snickered then at the memory, however the mention of one of her favorite places to wander still standing "Is that tea house still in the middle of that ?" She meant the Maze Tree Tea House, something of a bar, grill and all around mosh pit when certain sports games were happening. It was built directly in the dead center of the maze itself.

On the subject of her bodyguards Vitas smiled as she said simply "Oh you mean them ?" She inclined her head slightly towards four black garbed helmeted figures at the four way intersection, they stood at attentiion, their outfits had all black, edged in what appeared to be dark blood red light in strange patterns, each one carried a polearm as long as he was tall. Their helmets were smoth, no visible seams. Seemingly made of digital components the four sentinel guards stood at attention and only moved into formation around even Prince Acaras guards

"Would you rather I have more or ?" Screw it she simply blinked, a good six more also appeared, equal in number to Acaras own ten guards. "Nevermind, i think we'll need them all at some point, unless this is just a lunch date" Vitas said, She saw how Spike was avoiding a certain stack of books Acara had brought along, literally keeping the boy between her and the seven forboding tomes.... "Though something tells me this wont be a simple lunch date now will it ?"

She said some of that quietly in a strange langauge, a langauge that Jack was sure to understand thanks to his alternate earth adventure for five hundred years. Egyptian was a fun langauge to speak, Spike snickered and rolled her eyes "Do I want to know ?" Vitas asked her best friend quietly

"No, unless you want Chulthu to hunt you endlessly in your dreams...." Spike replied. Vitas smirked softly, but her eyes went wide as Spike withdrew a Elder Scroll from her hip pocket. How her friend could pack such items into the thing so easily only Vitas knew, she had after all, given her friend that bag of holding to begin with. Holding the Elder Scroll, the one with the blood prohecy on it, out to her friend she said "I think you might find a use for this other then reading, according to a Moth Priest the Elder Scrolls can be made into powerful armor, or even better weapons." A flick of the wrist and Vitas opened a portal only large enough to transport a item, in this case the Elder Scroll {Blood}, as well as the other two {Sun} and {Dragon}. Once the three scrolls were secured by her magic the winged woman turned to Acara "If the noodle place is still there, and the BBQ place is still there, along with the tea house still there. What about the Taco Place on Life Spire ?"

Life Spire was the beach area