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They took him a block further than usual. This wing of the facility seemed relatively unpopulated, even considering that in their wing - or at least on their floor - it was usually just the six of them and a small cavalry. Hawke wouldn't have thought it possible, but here it was even more unwelcoming, the air colder, the walls whiter, every footfall echoing down the same hallways; and all the while the still air wavered uncertainly, as if trying to decide if it should let them through or not. His escorts had curiously blank minds, focusing on nothing more than what was in front of them.

Hawke grew anxious, but he kept his breathing even, his expression blank, moving forward at the same pace as he always did. A vision of him getting tased flickered across one of the guards' minds, a vision charged with so much hate and vindictiveness that it almost made him wince. "In here," one of them said abruptly, the entire party - except Hawke - turning right, into a door that he hadn't noticed.

The room was fairly bare, with a large padded chair with restraints in the centre and drawers lining the far wall. Doctor Pender was standing by the door, scribbling in her notepad. She didn't look up when Hawke was brought in, only gestured at the chair. "In there, please, 2746. No need to worry, just sit down." The guards moved to restrain him, but the doctor waved them off. "That won't be necessary. Leave us, please. I hardly think the presence of four mooks is necessary." This statement was probably not true, given that Hawke was almost a head taller than her, and almost certainly stronger. None of the guards looked all that pleased, but they left the room anyway. Suddenly it seemed much larger than it had been before, and Hawke felt strangely vulnerable, leaning back in the half-reclined chair. He tried to get comfortable, but as soft as the chair was there was no way he could be comfortable, not lying here like a specimen for the doctor's examination. Slender and mousy as she looked, the doctor was much more dangerous than anyone would give her credit for on first sight.

"So. 2746." Pender's voice was mild, betraying no emotion, but Hawke could feel a tenseness humming in the room, barely there. She approached the chair, standing over him. "How have you been? Healthy? Passing your time well?"

She continued talking, not giving Hawke a chance to respond. He had the distinct feeling she was just trying to get what she needed to say to make him feel better over and done with, so she could get to the real reason he was there. "Because, love, I'm not certain if you think all that time alone has been enough time to perfect your craft, or if you think practice with us has been incredibly beneficial, but you're wrong. And a little too confident in yourself." She frowned, refusing to make eye contact with him, instead keeping her eyes fixed on her notepad. "Rather like 3778. But that can't be helped. I suppose it was our fault, not training you well enough, but as it turns out that's helped us to discover your little secret, hm?"

She finally looked up, meeting his eyes sharply. He could only lie there, paralysed with nerves, unsure what she was getting at, although he had a sinking feeling she was going to tell him soon, and then maybe hurt him for it. "You've been poking around places you shouldn't be." She considered him for a moment, as though - hah - trying to read his mind.

"I, uh, no. I haven't," he said, very intelligently. As if refuting his claim, all the memories of what he'd heard and seen came floating back to the surface - all the passcodes, all the classified files, all the snippets of plans he'd pulled from the facility's staff's minds flooding back. It wasn't enough for him to fully understand yet, but he had a very good idea of what was going on. And he didn't like it.

Pender shrugged. "That's okay. You don't have to confirm it with me. I just need you to tell me what you know. And after you tell me, I'll give you a lollipop and you can go back to your friends." She seemed to find that idea very amusing. "No experimenting, no practice today. It's that easy. Just tell me what you found."

He shook his head. "No, Doctor. I don't know what you mean."

Disappointment tinged the air. She shrugged again, sitting down in a chair and wheeling herself to a phone that sat on the counter. "Suit yourself. I'm not a very persuasive person, but I think you'll find Doctor Jelen much more so. Hey, you can come in." This last part was spoken into the phone.

The door swung open almost immediately, and a spindly sort of man came in. His nose was sharp, his eyes sharp, and his fingers were so thin and long and they ended in fairly sharp points. Hawke had never met this doctor before, but he sensed that this was a man he should fear. "Doctor Jelen here is relatively new," Pender explained as she began putting the restraints on Hawke. "So he's not had much experience managing you, but I'm sure he's a quick learner. You're all one and the same, anyway."

Disdain dripped from Pender's voice, but Jelen seemed much more unaffected. He moved quickly, pressing something between Hawke's teeth. "No stranger to this, I hope." Hawke was way too alarmed by the flippant glee coming from Jelen to fight back in time, thrashing against the already-tight restraints. Something cold and slimy was smeared across his temples, and then lightning was blinding him. From somewhere, very far away it seemed, he could hear a woman's voice. [ This is what they called me in today for? What an absolute waste of time. ]

"Still not talking?" A man speaking above his head. The pain, oh god the pain. How long had they been at this? He was trying so hard to manage the pain. [ Compartmentalise it. Put it away elsewhere. I'm not talking. ] Easier said than done. He thought his brain might burst, if he kept trying to shove the pain elsewhere.

"Please. I can't see. Please." He couldn't remember what was happening. He hadn't been able to see anything in a while. He couldn't move his arms. Everything hurt. That sharp face in his mind. But he wouldn't tell. He couldn't tell.

An eternity later. Hands grabbing at him, pulling him upright. "Useless... tomorrow if necessary..." someone was saying. Not him. He couldn't talk. Cold trails down his face, lead in his head. Felt himself being pulled along. When could he sleep?


It'd been way too long. A pit sat in Novak's stomach, the sounds of Vlad's guitar gnawing at it. They didn't want to tell him to shut up, but it was this close to driving them nuts. If they didn't watch themselves they would snap their charcoal, and that wasn't something they needed. Everyone was just passing time, the way they always did, but somehow today had them more on edge than usual. Hanne had killed and reanimated the mice a half dozen times, watching the way their flesh decayed a little each time, but her hands shook as she patched them up. It had been far too long. As if sensing the wrongness in the room, the mice squeaked loudly, nipping at Hanne's fingers when she tried to pick them up. Blood welled up, staining the stupid mouse's fur, and she snatched her hand back. "Ow!" She dropped them back into their cage - carefully, resisting the urge to use more force than necessary - and hurried to rinse her finger under the tap. No bandages, but she cleaned the wound carefully and sat on her bed, cradling her hand, eyes closed. She saw the wound, pulled her consciousness deeper into the bite, and started fusing cells together, stitching the wound closed mentally.

It had barely closed all the way when the guards returned. "Time for dinner. You know the drill." Hanne stood up, waiting by the door to her cell. Across the way, she saw Novak do the same, holding their hands out in front of them to show that they weren't opening any gateways. A guard entered and grabbed Hanne by the collar, shoving her out to join the line forming in the central cell area. She briefly considered protesting, knowing that it wouldn't work.

"Where's Hawke?" Novak, preoccupied with the tight grip the guard had on their forearm, almost missed the answer. [ Classified, what an entirely unhelpful answer. ] But of course, with Hawke missing, no one could hear them.

That day's food was the same. A slab of overcooked meat, undercooked peas, and...mash? Novak, never in the habit of eating much, pushed their food around, then looked up at the others, who were doing more or less the same, even Hanne, who normally finished everything on her plate. Knowing they'd need a bit of energy if they were going to keep Hawke company after he returned from his weekly ordeal, they tried to take a few bites of the meat. Their throat seemed swollen shut, the food sticking in it going down.

Out of curiosity more than necessity, Hanne stuck her spoon in the pile of - something - and licked it off, trying to figure out what it was. Smooth and slightly salty, which told her nothing. It could have been cement mix with salt thrown in and she would be none the wiser. After the shock and pain of the bite, she didn't feel like eating much. Next to her Specter didn't seem to be eating much either. Something in the air poisoning everyone, and not a kind of ailment she could fix.

On the other end of the room, a door slammed open, and something shuffled through. It took Hanne a moment to realise what she was looking at; Hawke, being shoved along by four guards. They moved as one unit towards Hawke's table, depositing him unceremoniously in his seat. Hawke didn't seem to notice that he was seated weirdly, his posture lopsided. Instead, he just sat there, upper body listing to one side, until the weight carried him forward and he slumped forward, the side of his face pressed against the cold surface of the table, right beside his plate. One arm was resting on the table, but the other was hanging limply in midair, swinging a little.

"Hawke!" Novak called, alarmed, and made to stand from their table. The guard activated their table almost instantly, and a quick jolt shot through Novak's body. Their legs went weak instantly, and they collapsed back into their seat. The sudden surge of adrenaline from fear got them over it quickly enough, and though they remained seated they faced Hawke, trying to get his attention. His eyes were open and he was breathing, but he wasn't responding, instead staring blankly in Ivy's direction.

Hanne swung around, wishing she could hurry to Hawke's side. Instead, after seeing Novak get shocked for their trouble, she turned to the nearest guard. "Please, can I go to him? It won't be long," she pleaded, but he simply shook his head, a final gesture.

Everything felt as if it was coming from very far away. He felt something cold, and he heard yelling, and he could feel the alarm and fear in the air, but it was so very far away. Was he dreaming? He didn't think so, but he couldn't remember how he'd gotten into this situation.