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When the door to the cafeteria slammed open, Vlad nearly jumped out of his seat. He pressed his hands to the glass wall, staring in the direction of the door. The guards shoved Hawke into the cafeteria and he looked closer to a zombie than a human. The guards guided him to his seat, where he sat odd and weak. Then Hawke slumped over, slamming into the surface of the table like a lifeless heap. Vlad slammed his hands against the barricade of his cube, screaming bloody murder... Although not making a sound to the outside world.

"You sons of bitches! What did you do to my brother! I'll fucking kill you for this! I'll kill you all forβ€”" When Vlad went to punch the glass again, the entire box buzzed with electricity. His teeth gritted together while his body held to the walls to keep himself from falling to his knees. "What's wrong with my b-b-brother!?" The electrical current raised in voltage, striking him again. This time not stopping until he fell to his knees, convulsing uncontrollably.

Specter tensed in his seat. His eyes glued to Hawke, much like the others. What in the world did they do to him? He was certain he never saw Hawke like that before in all the years they've been in the same cellblock. Spec nervously twiddled his fingers as he looked between his tray and his zombified friend. What did this all mean? Would this happen to the rest of them this week? He couldn't help but wonder if this was punishment for something, or if they stopped showing signs of improvement. There was no way for him to know because Hawke wasn't giving them anything, not even the blink of an eye.

"Hawke!" Novak stood up from their table before Specter could say anything to stop them. He flinched as their table was activated, sending an electrical current through the metal surface into Novak. What could they do? Nothing. Everyone would have to sit there in an agonizing silence until they were escorted back to their cells. Only then might they be able to get Hawke's attention or something. Specter just tried his best to remain calm, his fork mindlessly stabbing at the food on his tray.

Ivy dropped a spoon full of mashed potatoes in her lap when Novak was electrocuted. Not that she was trying to eat it. Her body had been frozen, just watching Hawke in disbelief since he entered the room with the spoon held before her mouth. She looked down at the mush in her lap for only a moment before she looked back at Hawke. Her heart sank like an anchor. He was looking right towards her but his expression was blank... Almost like he was looking through her instead of actually seeing her.

"Please, can I go to him? It won't be long," Hanne asked the guards. Ivy glanced over her shoulder towards the blonde, hoping the guards would make an exception for once in their lives... But it came to no avail. They shook their heads at Hanne, remaining silent, observing them as they all sat frozen, staring at Hawke.

After a moment, Ivy's hand shot up in the air like asking a question in elementary school. "I need a napkin." She turned her body enough so that the guards could see where the lukewarm mush was already sinking through the fabric and staining her jumpsuit. She waited patiently until one of the guards nodded their head towards her. Ivy pushed off the edge of the table as she stood, and made her way past the other tables. She came to a stop at a small cart against the wall that held extra napkins, utensils and things of that nature.

As she wiped the food from her clothes, Ivy would occasionally peak over her shoulder to gauge where the guards were in relation to Hawke. She didn't quite know what she was doing, but something had to be done. She took a deep breath and chucked the dirtied napkin into the trashcan. Her path back to her own table intentionally lead her right past where Hawke sat. The closest guards were... several feet away. It wasn't much time, but...

Ivy quickly diverted, sitting down beside Hawke. She had an extra napkin cupped in her hand as she lightly placed her palm on the side of his face, being sure her skin didn't touch his. She leaned her head down so that she was at eye level with him, forcing him to make eye contact. "Hawke? Come on, say something." She inhaled sharply, hearing the guards shuffle after her. "Your brother is reallyβ€”" A hand grabbed the back of Ivy's head, slamming her face down into the metal surface of the table.

She winced, her ears ringing from the hit. The guard's hand held her head down on the table. Ivy could feel a small pool of warm liquid puddling where her forehead hit the surface. She kept her gaze fixed on Hawke as she called back to the guard that held her. "I wasn't trying to hurt him!"

As the man went to grab a fist full of her hair and pull her away, his hand brushed her cheek. He quickly retreated, holding his hand to his chest. The veins started changing to a sickly black, slowly extending out from the point of contact. A deep red rash quickly forming where he touched her. "Fucking bitch!"

Another guard quickly stepped in, putting gloves over his hands. He slammed Ivy's head into the table once more, before using her hair to rip her from her seat and throw her to the ground. "I knew you were always unstable, 2623. But, I never pegged you for a murderer," the guard said before bringing back his leg and landing a heavy kick in her gut.

Ivy gasped, her right hand clawed at the ground while her left held her abdomen. "No." She coughed. "No... I'm not a killer."

The guard kicked her shoulder, causing Ivy to roll over onto her back. He moved to stand over her, then crouched down. His right hand clutched her neck, raising her upper body by his tight hold on her throat. Ivy gasped for air, clawing at the guard's hold on her. The entire time, Ivy continued to repeat the same thing in her head over and over hoping that if Hawke tried to tap in, he'd hear it. [ I'm ok. Don't do anything. ]

Ivy tried to remain as calm as she could so that she didn't hyperventilate and pass out. The guard's free hand tore away one of Ivy's, before he pinned her wrist down under his boot. "Then what is it you think you were doing?" She parted her lips, trying to speak, but as she did so his gripped tightened. "I'm sorry, what?"[/color] He asked, cocking his head to the side as if he was trying to listen. "I can't hear you."

Her voice cracked as she strained through the guard's grasp to speak. "I just... wanted... to help him."

"Oh?" He looked to toward the other guards with a smug expression. "She wanted to help."

Ivy coughed. "What use is he... If he's braindead?" she asked through gasps. The guard's grip loosened if only a fraction. His expression shifting slightly at the realization. "Let Hanne help him..." Then his hold went even tighter, now threatening not to just cut off her breathing but suffocate the life from her. It brought tears to her eyes as she fought through straining breaths. "Vlad... will be useless... without his brother."

Then it truly hit the guard. He didn't release Ivy, but froze where he held her. A quiet murmur was heard coming from the guard's ear piece but she couldn't make it out. After a moment, he groaned, then threw her to the ground forcefully. She coughed and gasped for air, not moving from where she laid.

"1033," the guard said, pointing towards Hanne. "You have two minutes." His attention then turned back towards Ivy as the other guards moved to observe and time keep for Hanne. He crouched down beside her, using his index finger to brush her raven locks back from her face. "And you... I don't like being made a fool of. You have five minutes."

Before Ivy could ask what he meant or brace herself, he back handed her right across the face. She didn't fight back, or say anything. Ivy accepted the punishment in silence. She didn't dare make eye contact with the others, instead focusing her gaze on the ground. The hits were countless and kept coming. Five minutes felt like five hours. She suffered through the punches, kicks and tasing. Her eyes closed as she tried breathe steadily, but after each hit her breaths became more labored and painful.

Specter tensed where he sat. He tried to remain stoic but couldn't help flinching every time he heard another blow hit Ivy. He could hear her rough breathing, gasps and coughs. But, he never heard her beg for them to stop, never heard her cry out or scream. Spec didn't have to watch to know that she was taking it bravely. He had seen many aftermaths of her beatings, but never witnessed it himself... Only once, did he look over his shoulder towards her.

The guard didn't let up or care that she was a woman. He beat her like he would be a man double her size. With each hit, there were more bruises and blood. But, there was never a falter in Ivy. He admired her bravery. Spec could no longer stomach watching, instead silently pushing his tray away. Whatever appetite he may have had, completely gone.

Ivy's ears were ringing and deafened by the pounding of her own blood. Her vision became unfocused and crossed. She didn't notice when it had stopped, not until the guard forced her up on her knees. He said something to her, but it fell on deaf ears. Ivy went to open her eyes, but only the left listened. Her right already beginning to swell shut. Her eye blinked slowly, trying to see through the dizziness. The guard held her straitjacket out before her, waiting impatiently. She raised her arms best she could, allowing him to put it back on her and lock it behind her back.

"Don't you fucking move."

She didn't move. On her knees, Ivy rested her weight back on her feet. Her head was hung low as her raven hair surrounded her face like a black curtain, hiding the others from her view. She winced slightly when her tongue brushed her split lip. She spit the blood from her mouth onto the floor as silent tears ran down her cheeks. Ivy didn't spare a glance towards Hawke to see if anything she did helped. Instead, she stared blankly at the ground. Her mind kept repeating something she heard Specter read over and over again. [ Pain is real. But, so is hope. ]

Vlad watched in utter shock in silence. There were numerous splatters and small puddles of blood on the ground behind Hawke's table. Out of everyone, he never expected Ivy to be the one to step up. She was always the type to run away and keep to herself. But, not that day. She walked right into lion's den. She had to have known what she was getting into just by sitting down beside Hawke, let alone touching him. Vlad always saw Ivy as more black and white... Now, he didn't quite know what he thought about her. He couldn't thank her, even if he wanted to. But, he also wouldn't forget what she did for Hawke. Down the road, whatever it may be, he owed her.