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located in The Kingdom Of Korina, a part of My Bodyguard the Swordsman, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Cain wiped his face clean of tear streaks and jumped up and sheathed his sword. “Yeah. I’m ready to continue. I think we’d be better off getting to a more fitting part of the coast where we’d have a good shot at going on a flight to Kilos.” He explained, sounding like he was back to his normal typical attitude.

That part is obvious genius. Yer anxiety shifts are really dodgy at times, Partner. And how do ye know which way we need to go? Belkorin stated to Cain.

“At least I know where we need to go to get the fledgling the best route to get him home to mother before she decides to fully turn what people call home to cinders.” Cain said looking at the spirit with a wry grin. “Besides, You’re the one who needs to remember that the world probably looks a little different today, old lizard.”

Why you little fiend! This is what I get for being a good friend to ya for nearly seven years! I’m feeling so unappreciated!

“Oh calm down buddy. You’re alright ain’t ya? Amethyst, let’s try and direct Honey to the coast and get our flight preparations underway.” He said with a smirk and he walked in the best direction of Kilos from their current position. The sooner he put more distance between that kingdom and them, the better itd be for the flight towards his old home.