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located in The Kingdom Of Korina, a part of My Bodyguard the Swordsman, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Kingdom Of Korina



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Amethyst stayed quiet as he spoke. She was irritated with herself for feeling bad. It was weak. The witch would give her hell if she knew. She just listened to the two males bicker. Amethyst gave a quick nod when he spoke to her. It took a while, but they finally led Honey to the coast. She was worn out from the walk. Amethyst knew it was because the shadows had been gone for so long. She felt weak. Amethyst had never realized how much she relied on the shadows.

β€œWe are going to rest here before we fly to Kilos. It is getting dark as well,” she said. She glanced at the ocean and laced her fingers together. She did not look forward to flying over the ocean. Honey had just learned to fly. Despite her fear, she led Honey to the water. She knew he would need some food soon.

β€œLet’s see if you can catch yourself a meal,” she added. Honey saw something shiny in the water and ran in, kicking back water. He kicked enough water back to soak her. A shirk escaped Amethyst’s lips, which made her immediately cover her mouth.The water was freezing. The stupid gown felt like one hundred pounds now wet. She took a deep breath and walked over to Cain. Her face was filled with annoyance.

β€œCain, undo the back of the dress please. I plan on going to sleep soon. We can leave early in the morning,” she said.