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located in The Kingdom Of Korina, a part of My Bodyguard the Swordsman, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Amethyst had no idea why Cain was trembling. She was the one drenched in cold water. She felt the weight of the dress lighten once he finished. She nodded when he spoke and grabbed her bag. Amethyst had a blanket in there she’d sleep in tonight. She had a white slip under the dress, but knew she’d freeze sleeping in that. She watched as Cain went off into the distance to collect wood. Ame wondered if a fire would attract unwanted attention.

Quickly she slid the dress off. She wrapped herself in a brown wool blanket. Lucky for her, the slip was just a bit damp. She walked over to the fire he had built. Her gazed wandered over to him as he spoke. Amethyst watched as he began to fall asleep. She had the urge to curl up into his side. She resisted as she knew it was just because she was cold. It was a habit when she was a child. She could just curl up and fall asleep next to someone. Though, only those she trusted. She only trusted the village elder and Cain.

She sat next to the fire for most of the night. Amethyst couldn’t think of sleep. She had trouble sleeping since she was kidnapped. Amethyst wished she was back at her castle, but she be dammed if she let Xavier rule the world. Hours later she walked over and sat next to Cain. A yawn escaped her lips eventually. Let me just lay down... Amethyst curled up into the fetal position next to Cain. She kept a few feet away though.

During her slumber, she ended up in Cain’s side. This is when she fell into a deep sleep. She woke up as soon as sunlight hit her eyelids. She went to stretch out, but realized how close she was to Cain. She stood up and walked away from him. She walked over to the sleeping dragon. She tightened the blanket around her. Amethyst stroked the dragon’s cheek gently.

Wake up little one. Wake up, time to head home,” she said softly. She wanted to ease the dragon into waking up. She wanted to leave soon.