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located in The Kingdom Of Korina, a part of My Bodyguard the Swordsman, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Cain slowly began to wake up, opening up his eyes as he sat up and stretched. “Morning everyone.” He mumbled out as he fished one of his pockets for some dried meat and popped them into his mouth and chewed. “I had a pleasant snooze, and am fully ready to get the little dragon home again.”

Just a quick tip so that way ya know Lad. Just hang on for dear life. Don’t panic and it’ll be smooth flying. Oh, keep your mouth closed too. Just in case of a stray insect or two Belkorin stated, causing Cain to roll his eyes.

“Flying just sounds a lot of fun. Let’s um, make sure you’re properly dressed and be on our way!” He said raising his fist in the air. “Operation: Homenest is officially underway!”

Oh dear he’s naming quests again, ignore him Amethyst he does this whenever something thrilling is about to happen. The spirit said as it decided to slink back into the sword for the time being so that the beginnings of the flight wasn’t commented by him.

As Cain thought about it, he realized they were heading back to where they were once innocent children. Which meant if it was by chance, they came across the village of their childhood, they’d end up confronting old memories. Whilst the thought seemed nostalgic, he was afraid. Afraid of the past because it holds the answers, and was the root of his desires to be strong.

Shaking his head to snap out of it he looked towards Amethyst. “Are we ready to go?”