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located in The Kingdom Of Korina, a part of My Bodyguard the Swordsman, one of the many universes on RPG.

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  1. When I realize in the middle.of the night as I remember writing thighs instead of tights for some reason. Sorry >_<'

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Amethyst was glad when the dragon woke in a pleasant mood. Her ears perked up to listen to Cain and Tiny. She rubbed the back of her neck anxiously. Hang on tight. Don’t panic. Try not to sink my claws into Honey or that’d cause rough flying. I better not swallow a bug… She was pulled out of her thoughts when Tiny mentioned how Cain named quests. She watched as Tiny disappeared back into the sword. The spirit was amusing.

I’ll be ready in a second,” she said. Quickly she pulled on some tights and her boots. She left her slip on. She thought of putting the dress back on, but decided to leave it. “I’ll buy something else to wear once we are home. That dress isn’t the easiest to move in,” she said.

She walked over to the dragon and stroked his side for a few seconds to calm her nerves. After, she climbed onto the dragon. Once Cain got on, she took a deep breath. “Let’s go Honey,” she said. She felt her breath catch in her throat as Honey flew into the air. She had to keep herself from screaming. She kept her eyes on the scales of Honey. Amethyst refused to look down at the ocean.

Honey flew for a good distance before it landed in a cornfield. Amethyst was glad when they landed. She was happy they landed in one piece. It wasn’t long before she jumped off Honey. “Good job Honey,” she said. Ame looked back at Cain.

We should travel by foot for the rest of the day. I’d hate to overwork Honey,” she said. Amethyst was not too fond of flying she now realized. It was a bit nerve racking. She moved her hands to her tail to smooth it out. She slowly looked around to make sure the owners of the farm weren’t coming their way. Despite no one heading towards them, she began to head to the woods nearby. Though, it seemed like Honey had other plans. She groaned as she watched him begin to chase cows. Amethyst looked at Cain.

Do you and Tiny want to talk to Honey? We are going to have an angry farmer if we don’t leave soon,” she said. She glanced at Honey who was happily eating now.