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The moment Ivy's feet turned away from her table Novak knew what was coming. They didn't need to be clairvoyant to see it ending badly. "Ivy, no," they whispered, unable to stop her, cursing the group's dependence on Hawke's abilities to communicate amongst themselves.

Something rough, warm against his face. Where did he know that texture? Might as well... sandpaper... Hanging limply under the table, Hawke's fingers twitched, briefly.

The sound of Ivy's head striking the tabletop startled Hanne badly, her hands flying to her mouth so she wouldn't cry out. She sat immobilised, unable to turn away from Ivy, hating the scene unfolding before her.

Then Ivy spoke her name, and it took all of Hanne's willpower not to jump to her feet. "Let Hanne help him... Vlad... will be useless... without his brother." As far as Hanne's concerns about Hawke went, Vlad was pretty low on that list, but this wasn't time to argue about that. Anyone with a functional pair of eyes could see Hawke needed help.

"1033." The moment the guard spoke her number, Hanne automatically leapt to her feet. Behind her, one guard moved forward at the abrupt movement, placing a heavy hand on her shoulder. "You have two minutes." Instantly she hurried forward, sliding onto the bench next to Hawke, resolutely turning her back on Ivy and the guards forming a sort of barrier around her. There was nothing she could do at that point of time for Ivy, friend or not, and it was better not to waste time or energy worrying about beatings she couldn't stop.

"Hey, Hawke," she whispered, slipping both arms around him. While unresisting, he was heavy, and she settled for resting his head on her shoulder, one arm supporting him from the back, her other hand pressed to his temple. "Come on, talk to me. It's just me. Just Hanne." She continued talking to him in her most soothing voice, but in her mind she was already digging through Hawke's cells, trying to find what needed to be repaired. She didn't even know what they'd done to him. How could she find the damage?

The brain, though... that was easier. She wasn't great with brains, but there was a lot less activity going on in there than there should be. If she connected these here, and reanimated these so they came to life with a zap...

Beneath her hands, Hawke twitched. Just a fraction, but it was enough. It was a reaction. Hanne pushed Hawke off her shoulder and leaned forward, pressing her lips briefly to his forehead. [ Please be okay. ] The guard closest to her, who had been counting down her allotted time, came forward to pull her away. "Wait, just a - just a moment more - I'm almost," was all she managed to gasp before she was bodily hauled out of her seat, pulled past Ivy, and all but thrown back onto her bench. Good behaviour or not, they clearly weren't putting up with any nonsense today, not even from Hanne.

By some miracle, though her hands stopped supporting him, Hawke remained sitting upright, his spine stiffening and holding his frame up of its own accord. His head still remained drooping, chin on his chest, but as they watched, he lifted it slightly, just enough that he was staring at the plate of food still sitting before him. After a moment more, there came, faint though audible, one repeated sentence - [ Pain is real. But, so is hope. ]

That one sentence, over and over, pulling something out of him - some kind of memory - the boy, reading. Fair head bent over a book, speaking out loud to the rest of them. That voice wasn't his, though. Whose...?

Novak remained sitting the entire time, under the watchful eye of the guard still manning the button to activate their table, their hands clasped together in their lap to avoid creating any further confrontation. Their knuckles were white, pressing into the soft flesh of each hand, nails carving crescent moons where they sank in. They could do no more than look down, their entire frame still shaking from a combination of fear and the pain of the shock endured earlier. But then Ivy's voice came through the joint mental connection, weak at first but growing stronger, firmer, and Novak understood.

"Alright. Get moving."

Dinner was over. The guards shepherded them, one by one, back into their line, this time led by a dazed and bleeding Ivy, an unresponsive Hawke bringing up the tail end of the line. Their chaperones were rougher than usual, shoving their charges along whenever they didn't move quickly enough - some nerve they had, Novak thought bitterly, when they were the cause for their inability to hurry after all.

The group returned to their cells with no further event. Though they couldn't see Hawke, they could hear the faint rustling of his clothes as he stumbled in, sagged against the wall, and sank to the floor. Pressed to the corner of their cell that was the closest to Hawke's cell - the corner they shared, if Novak was in that corner nothing bad could happen to Hawke - they tried to get a better hold on the mental connection. It was faint, barely present. [ Hawke? Come on. Please tell me you're okay. ]

The lights shut off abruptly. This was way earlier than usual, Hanne noted dully, crouched on her mattress, hugging her pillow to her chest. Normally they had a few hours after dinner to sit around and stare at the walls. Now they'd have a few hours to sit around and stare at the walls in the dark.

She could hear Novak, which meant the connection was there, but what about the one who had opened the connection in the first place? Tipping her head to the side and closing her eyes, Hanne listened closely. A moment later, there came the message they were waiting for - weak, but there.

[ I'm okay. Don't say anything. ]

Slumped on the floor, his back pressed to a wall that seemed even colder than usual, Hawke slowly lifted his head, surveying the three opposite him. Vlad, a murderous glint in his eye; Specter, pale and drawn; and Ivy. She'd only been trying to help.

A buzz of mental activity came from his left - Novak, but he was still too weak to respond. He raised a hand, a signal to the three that could see him that he was fine. Let me catch my breath first. Likely they didn't need to hear it to understand it.