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Image ❝I'm gonna follow you
to the ends of the world,
no more looking back.❞

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    Ren swept the room, his eye flitted between the cracks along walls. There were lines falling parallel, down to the ground, disappearing under pile of rubble and shards of dusty glass. He tapped the floor, uneven tiles, he tipped one over, the hard lines continued its jagged route.

    "Is this…?" Ren bent low to the ground and overturned loose tiles. He searched for its center and something glinted—a stone. A clear azure hue. He glanced up at Loretta, the same color as her eyes.

    He paused, overloading Vakira? That could work.

    He cut into his palm and fed the stone his blood. Nothing happened. Of course.

    “Zero’s buying us time, it’s crazy as hell." He returned his attention toward Loretta, “But I think you're right. She’s far too obsessed with power and will take whatever she can.” He smirked, now, they just had to come up with a plan. They had to act fast.

    He shook his head, “You picked up something didn’t you? That's pretty much it.”

    Where was his strength? Where had it gone? Did he forget what kept him going all this time? Why he needed to keep fighting?

    ‘You can't fight,’ His thoughts were venomous, unsurprising. The monster wanted to break free, not just destroy everything but his sanity as well. And all this time, he'd been trying si hard to keep it at bay. But his hold was slipping.

    No. Zero lifted his face from his hands. What was he doing? What was he waiting for?

    'They won't save you. You're not worthy.’

    He was sick of just surviving. He wanted to live, dammit.

    He exhaled sharply, his breaths were ragged, his body struggled against her beckoning.

    'Don't ignore me!’

    Zero grit his teeth, oh, he wasn't ignoring it. Not by a long shot.

    Vakira’s entire realm shook violently, as though sensing his own push. She appeared then, a mass of black webbing and inky matter reforming and flourishing. “Ah, my little monster is active.” She cast him a sharp smile, “Oh, and what's this, you've got some fight left in you, how exciting.”

    Zero reached down, his fingers trembled as his body slowly fell apart. He let his vision shift and the colors deepened. He plunged his hands down to the ground, clawed into it. And a surge of energy struck through his limbs. It jolted sharply through him, made his chest burn with the overwhelming fire now raging within.

    ‘If you can't handle me, you can't handle her!’

    Zero manipulated the bend of flow of power, shifted it by sheer force so that it was his. He learned from the best.

    Vakira chuckled, “I see what you're trying to accomplish, but it won't work,” she crossed her arms, “You forget I control everything here. You’re out of your league, child.”

    Zero smirked, the blinding inferno colored his world into deep red. Only her outline stuck out in edges, his thoughts smoked, only one taking shape: kill.

    'Yes, set me fr—'

    Zero raised to his full height, the ice that'd once nearly engulfed him died under the growing maelstrom. A heat so potent, that his entire body exulted in it. He looked death right in the eye, this time, he wasn't gonna back down.