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"I know why the caged bird sings."

{ Bird Set Free | Sia }

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Blood, it dripped in crimson circles that arced towards the ground, touching the beautiful azure stone. The rock glistened in the low light of the space containing the two, sending glints of color dancing off of the walls It was reflected in her eyes as she knelt before the stone, biting into her thumb to assist in the blood letting. If Doll was right, they could either save Zero or doom them all.

"He's still out there," she whispered. "I can feel it," Zero had not been absorbed by another Being's ability, he was far too strong to be overtaken so easily. "Zero, if you can hear us," Doll began, clearing her throat. She bit down hard on another finger, attempting to keep from crying out. She had experienced far worse pain in her life, however the fingertips were especially sensitive.

"Then please, come back to us. We're waiting for you." Something within her stirred, demanding her attention. Doll ignored it, both fearful and surprised. She couldn't afford to black out now, not with so much on the line. Doll was not a believer in higher powers and yet, she found herself praying, hoping for a miracle. If Zero returned to them-if Zero returned to her- her breath caught in her throat dangerously.

She was not a human, that much had become startlingly clear to her, but Doll was not a Being either. Her heart beat so swiftly that it echoed in her throat and for but a moment the child feared it would burst from her chest. "Do you think it's working?" Doll inquired to Ren nervously, her stomach fluttering with something a bit heavier than butterflies. Birds perhaps, or maybe wasps. The thought was so grotesque that as soon as she thought it Doll wished she could take it back.