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located in The New World, a part of Outcasters: Atonement, one of the many universes on RPG.

The New World

Overall setting.


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This was a risk, she always knew it was. From the moment she escaped her mother and freed all of those Fae, coming back was a risk but she had to. Grandfather was still under Mother's thumb..and other things and she needed his help. Sunday Davenport was taking too many risks but they were all caculated. All where well thought out. If anyone caught them, she'd kill them or Grandfather would, it was as simple as that. If Mother caught them...she'd kill her too. They'd just have to find a way to find Alexis. That was less simple but it was an option. Alexis trapped herself in some Nether bubble to keep from being used in the war. Doing that made her a target but it also kept herself, Victoria could claim to hurt her if she wanted but no one actually believed her and that's if she actually had her. It was a bluff, she was good for those, but it worked. It worked on Grandfather so it was all Sunday could do but to play along. Why her Mother wasn't dead, she would never understand. She hated Alec for that, Erieda was always the right choice but for some reason he choice Victoria even after she murdered Sashi, out of spite for her and her Father, something her father had yet to recover from, though he'd never admit it. She still struggled with the guilt but Sashi didn't die in her arms...just before her eyes.

As she thought this over, a rustle startled her from her thoughts. She turned to see Grandfather clad in his Remei armor appear through the trees and bowed. She swallowed. She wasn't sure she was ever going to get use to that. She was acting Queen of the Fae since Father seemingly couldn't be bothered for his grief but she wished he wasn't so formal. How she longed for some familial love. She knew better though, he wasn't alone and him being this familiar with her was hard enough since she was technically the enemy. "I hope you can forgive my dreadful punctuality," he told her. "I underestimated how long it would take to get these supplies out of the castle without being seen." He said and his men began to lower crate after crate of supplies the rebels needed. "No need to worry, Grandfather, I understand the discretion." she said and held out a hand. A shadow swirled beneath the crates and they dropped one by one into the shadows, as if a hole formed beneath them.

Once the others finished a younger lad approached Grandfather and handed him something wrapped in cloth. Sunday cocked her head at Grandfather's nervous expression. "Perhaps I'm over-stepping my boundaries here, but... I happened upon some books that I thought Alice might enjoy reading," He held the apparent books to her and Sunday smiled. "They're mostly old fairy tales." He told her and Sunday found herself giggling. "This is brillant, Grandfather, She will love them, Thank you," She said overjoyed that he thought of her young daughter to whom she'd be practically raising alone. She had Kellin but that was getting more and more complicated, Her Father was losing himself by the day. She did have Eida but she was just as lost as she is. She wished she had someone older, wiser. She wished she had Grandmother. Sunday's smile faded. "Have you seen her?" she asked softly, dropping her gaze. " Grandmother, I mean, is she any better? " she asked, remember how broken shed been the last time she saw her, talking to herself, weakened severely by the iron. It was awful knowing how powerful she had been. How she still could be now if Sunday had chosen to save her instead of Father that night. She was still lucid then, told her to take Father and go, but they needed her. Now more then ever.