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located in Sabrie, a part of Limerance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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"My older brother is a suicidal idiot who never gives up.
And I'm the one left to drag him out of every mess he gets into.
Even in pieces."


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    She already knew what to do. Ren approached, took her hands into his own, he shook his head, "Just a touch." He then glanced down at the stone now stained with her life essence. He stepped away, as the ground beneath them trembled. "It won't stay open for long." He looked back at her and managed a small smile.This was meant for her to find. She was the key. He let go of one of her hands, the other held firm.
    The entire room emitted a soft whirring sound, the tiles clinked while the once solid ground parted. Interconnected panels gave way to a set of steps leading into another level below. On the steps, smaller stones glowed, perhaps marking the path. "After you." He gestured she lead the way.


❝I've existed for far too long, but I managed
to find a damn good reason
to live.❞


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    Zero tore at her. She came away in his hands, a webbing of blood and flesh. Her laughter echoed on and on. She'd just reweave herself a new form for him to play with. And he'd shoot after her image, ridding her in seconds. This would continue several minutes longer. Up until it hit him like a wrecking ball. Breathless, running low.
    She didn't attack. Just stood there. Her sinister grin answered the unspoken question.
    "Wow, I'm a little disappointed it took you that long." Vakira's form bedecked in a hideous red outfit. Blood armor. Must be a metaphor.
    Zero latched onto her throat, squeezing hard. But she didn't even flinch. Her thoughts vibrated through him, she enjoyed watching him flail.
    He'd tear her apart a million times if he had to, if heβ€” A voice struck through his vicious thoughts. It cancelled out Vakira's cloying web. He froze.
    "Zero, if you can hear us," That voice... It's... "Then please, come back to us. We're waiting for you."
    The fragment, their link. It throbbed in his chest, a warmth unlike the fire scorching through him. That's right, they're... He released Vakira and backed away. What the hell? He shut his eyes and reigned in the anger.
    This isn't about the player, it's the game.
    "Kept you waiting long enough, sorry." If she could even hear him, hopefully.
    Vakira drew close, she dragged a single claw across his chest. "Nice trick, too bad no one can save you."
    He struck back, instinctively going for a head shot. If he could distract her long enough, Lore and Ren can finish what they started. Meanwhile, he'd do exactly what he came for. With that in mind, he obliterated the spawn and ran. This was her world and she made the grave mistake of letting him in it. Zero took alternate routes, reabsorbed where he could and demolished any new spawns that tried to stop him. What he must do, what it took, it wasn't something he could back down from, either way, Vakira had to be stopped.