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located in Western G'ael, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Western G'ael

G'ael is a region that few know of, and fewer still have traveled to. The thick fog and rocky shores that dot its coast make it a dangerous region to traverse by sea, while the icy peaks to the west and south provide a formidable barrier by land.


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Character Portrait: Echo "Rokket" Rhorer Character Portrait: Jose Mercer
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The Sidhe girl's footfalls seemed to resound infinitely throughout the harsh landscape, she crouched to examine a footprint on the ground. "What do you think Lugh? Is this Jose's?" The Spear of Lugh floated by her side without responding, it was after all, not sentient. The girl dropped to all fours and took a long smell of the track she had found. "Yes. It certainly smells like someone carrying the Blacklight Virus." The girl stood up and looked around her vast surroundings.

He should not be far from here, the girl thought to herself. She couldn't see Jose Mercer, but she knew he would be close. Something about the way the man caused wholesale devastation wherever he went had absolutely smitten the Fey girl, and she was determined not to lose him. "Jose! I can smell the Virus on you, come out come out wherever you are!" The girl skipped along, searching desperately for the lost man.