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located in Mistviel City, a part of Shadows in the Mist, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mistviel City



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Character Portrait: Zuuka Blacklight Character Portrait: Abigail Morningtide Character Portrait: Alison Price Character Portrait: Luke Sonique Character Portrait: Yuna Razen Character Portrait: Yuma Razen
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Luke's rage was getting the better of him, whether he wanted it to or not. He tried to listen to Abigail's defense, but "pranks happen" was hardly something that would excuse her for what she did.

"That's it? That's your defense? Pranks happen?! Well guess what else happens; CONSEQUENCES!" He yelled at her, not even using his sonic powers, just getting his point across.

"Oh, and it's cute how you think that warming up your cybernetics is going to do you any good. My ice doesn't melt until I say so." He sneered at her. While this wouldn't be the case for most sirens, Luke had an advantage that wouldn't be seen by anyone, as it was underneath the uniform he was wearing. His amulet that he never took off gave amplified his ice powers to the point that he was able to create ice that was impervious to temperature changes.

He let out a shriek pointed right at her cybernetic arm. While she may have been able to cancel out the noise in her ears, the metal components in her cybernetics would still start to vibrate in a way that must be painful to the human flesh they were connected to. He was hoping to find the harmonic resonance frequency to make the metal shatter, but vibrating it to the point that it began to heat up was also a plus.

He held the sword in a defensive pose after the sonic blast expecting her to come at him with her own attack.


It was becoming clear that the fight between the twins was a futile effort. In spite of this, they continued to give it their all, but they were becoming exhausted. Yuma switched his shifter to a different weapon several times but for each weapon he picked, his brother picked a new one to counter it with. At one point it seemed impossible to count the number of counter attacks that they had in a row on each other. At one point Yuma even tried using his repulsion field to tunnel under the floor and attack Yuna from underneath, but Yuna used his attraction field to bury Yuma again and avoided the attack. The coach sighed as he watched the two of then, glad that the damage didn't happen to the real gym. It was becoming clear to him now why the two of them worked as a team in most of the time.