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The zap of electricity from Specter's cell served to box him in and remind them all who was in charge - but the sudden sound also helped to pull Hawke back to reality. Sitting against the wall, he blinked slowly, once, twice, slowly taking stock of his surroundings. The dark still scared him a little, a touch too similar to the alternating flashes of dark and bright he'd endured earlier with the doctors earlier.

"Listen... You have to try and stay awake. You've received extensive head trauma. If... If you fall asleep, you might not wake up."

Specter's words got his attention, and he looked across at Ivy and the younger male. Aborting the attempt to create and maintain the group connection for a moment, Hawke pushed through into Ivy's mind, a faint tinge of alarm seeping into her head.

It wasn't just her picking up on his emotions. His headache increased threefold, and the room began to - not spin, exactly, but sway back and forth like a coy lover. Hawke shut his eyes, trying to put Ivy's pain aside.

[ Ivy. ]

Not nearly as strong as he'd hoped. He tried again, struggling to fix the connection. [ Ivy. Don't sleep, please. ]

Much better. Now that she'd undoubtedly heard him, he just needed something to say so that he could occupy her and keep her from succumbing to her injuries.

[ Are you okay? ...No, that's a stupid question to ask. I guess... why'd you do that? You know how they are. I don't know how to make it up to you. ] It was stupid and childish, but there it was. As if there was anything he could do to make up for the beating, or even help her through it. He couldn't even touch her. All he could do was talk - still a difficult task given his own physical trauma, but getting steadily easier. But he knew what he had to tell them - all of them. With some difficulty, he pulled the others into the connection.

Pressed against the wall - any tighter and they'd be squeezing bits of themself through the bricks - Novak uttered a low cry of surprise when they felt the connection come through, stronger than the one that was dropped just a few minutes prior. Knowing it would hurt Hawke, they tried to clamp down on their thoughts, letting the smallest sliver of concern slip through in place of the questions they wanted to ask. Chief of which was - what the hell happened? But they stayed quiet, knowing Hawke would try to explain soon.

Hanne's relief was palpable. If Hawke hadn't recovered - if she hadn't been able to help him - she would have been the failure. And then where would she stand? Any space for failure was space for abandonment. She'd never wished more that she could physically reach Hawke, in the cell next to hers, to help with the pain he was undoubtedly feeling. Ivy too, although she presented more problems than just physical proximity.

There was a pause, waiting for their collective fear and relief to settle, then Hawke spoke hesitantly. [ I need to tell you something, and I can't let anyone else know. You can't tell anyone this. The doctors... there's some kind of plan on place, some sort of long term project. An experiment, and we're the subjects. They're building us, strengthening us for some kind of purpose. I've been looking around, picking up what I could - and they found out. That's why today happened. ]

He hesitated. [ I'm aware that... it might come your turn to come under questioning. And I can't guarantee that they won't do what they did to me again. But I had to tell you. Do you... believe me? ] Somewhere in the back of his head, a migraine wormed its way into his consciousness, worsening the pounding in his head.