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located in Mistviel City, a part of Shadows in the Mist, one of the many universes on RPG.

Mistviel City



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Character Portrait: Zuuka Blacklight Character Portrait: Abigail Morningtide Character Portrait: Alison Price Character Portrait: Luke Sonique
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“Luke, sh-“ Abigail was interrupted with another blast from Luke, at first she was confused, but her eye started to sting with pain, vision in it would cut out and smoke a spark a bit, she stumbled back, holding that side of her face of the pain. Luke that widened the range, affect her leg and her arm, both started to smoke as she was brought to her knees, trying to fight against the pain.

Abigail looked up at Luke, slight smoke still coming out of her eye. Come on recover, cool down She was telling herself in her head. She looked around, the duel hadn’t stopped yet, but Luke was asking for a draw. Abigail was fueled with pain and rage. Luke had no idea the internal pain Abigail was suffering. “Made your point huh, glad my pain could help you with that.” Abigail’s cybernetic eye then turned red, and slowly her arm and leg did as well, anger was slowly taking over Abigail and fueling her, arm still sparking.

Abigail threw a punch into Luke’s stomach, sending him stumbling back, she stood up and took a step towards him, her rapier slid to her cybernetic hand using the magnetism ties between the two, and it quickly being ingulfed in fire, one of it's many abilities. As Abigail took another step, the computer quickly spoke up, ending the duel. Severe damage detected. Life threatening vitals detected, ending duel. Luke Sonique is the victor. Abigail looked around confused “What? I'm fine!” She said, but her cybernetics started fading away red. She quickly became dizzy as her leg gave out, and she passed out shortly after. Nurses ran over to her as soon as the duel barrier fell.