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Season of Giving 2020

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Snippet #2748187

located in Adventurer's Guild HQ, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Adventurer's Guild HQ

The HQ for Adventurers across the lands, this place hosts various offices, services, and even holds the Destara Bar on the ground floor. Here is where adventurers can be plotted, adventurers meeting new friends, and quests can be posted.


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Character Portrait: Chormynth, Daughter of Nuria Character Portrait: Oza
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"Oh okay good. Its just, Oza tends to get a bit energetic".

"Hey. I am perfectly normal".

At those words, the reception just gave him a cold stare.

"Yeah, okay. You're right, I was stretching it with that one".

"Just...make sure you dont go telling stories about how you slew a few ogers again. We dont want the young new adventurers to think that people of your size can normally do that".

"Yes yes...and I mean, to be fair, when I started they were too busy picking on a poor, defenseless civilian to notice me".

After that conversation, Oza then turned back to Chormynth.

"Ah, yeah there are some species that are affected by it. Its really bad for werewolves if it appears unexpectedly as a full moon. As for the registration, more information allows them to help you better, but generally what people put down is Name, Age, Place of Origin, what they are good at and not good at, and a few personalality traits or notes. The reason for that last one is that if an emergency quest comes up, if they are pairing people into teams, they like to avoid asking people who wont get along to be in the same team. And I dont mean like, rivalry or what not fighting. I mean more like 'They will try to kill each other and mess up the quest' fighting".

As he said that, the receptionist handed her the paper and glared at Oza again, though the tone of her voice suggested she really wasnt too upset or annoyed but joking around a bit too.

"Oza, are you trying to take my job?"

"Nah, I dont wanna sit behind a desk all day. There is too much fun to explore! I heard, recently, they uncovered a cave full of gemstones that sing or something, they mentioned resonance and all that. Oh, right! Nearly forgot to mention this Chormynth..." Oza replied, before then addressing Chormynth again...and, pronouncing her name the exact same way she did without even minor hicups. "...but there are also places you can buy and sell equipment in this building even. There are stores elsewhere in the city, like on Millenium Plaza, but they also exist all over as well as in here. There is actually a bar somewhere around here even, but I don't go. Not that I cant drink, but it does nothing for me and I cant enjoy it the way people usually can. For the record, since you are new here, the official Origin Drinking Age is...well, it changes on the region you are in, but it is usually around 13-15, which was the age one was considered an adult for thousands of years now in their culture. However, people under the age limit are allowed to drink provided they take a test that scans their genetic and physical abilities, and determines they are capable of handling alcohol....I am getting off topic again, aren't I? Or, did I already manage to answer all your questions?"